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  1. perfect time for (in Rodney Dangerfield voice):Hey baby, How'd you like to make $14 the hard way?
  2. I ask for $10 and tell people it's like tipping the dealer that made them money.
  3. Well, something finally got me to put some money on Pstars.I'm looking for the bounty.jarvis5150
  4. ironically, i was playing in first mtt ever on FT.was about 50th with 100 to go.
  5. My money has been in limbo since 1/18 with no reply from Neteller.I just wanted to clear my account and leave peacefully.Oh well.
  6. I just watched the (so called) HORSE tourney on DVR.Every hand was hold'em.It just sucked. Every other tourney ESPN shows is hold'em.I wanted to see the stud and Omaha hands too.BOOO ESPN!!!!
  7. I chose other because I'm going to use this time to take a 2-week break to recharge my batteries.And I'm hoping for some big bonuses from the sites trying to bring in us desperate Americans.
  8. my thanks to Party.Thursday night I took my free $15 in the casino, cleared it and had $8 left.Won a $6 sng.Won a $22 sng.Cashed for $103.I'll miss the free money.
  9. very cool video blog.I have only done the ride-a-longs at Texas Motor Speedway and Watkins Glen (road course).The G-forces are really something. Makes you think twice about the guys that have to go 250 laps at 190 mphWay to go DN
  10. after a bad night of poker..i needed both of thoseThanks
  11. you have to remember, DN is not just playing golf. He's spending at least 75 percent of his time thinking up and keeping track of all the prop bets that are going down on the course.If he was just playing golf, he should be breaking 100 all of the time.DN,If your travels take you to Turning Stone (which has a course that just hosted a PGA event) and you're looking for some tips and tweaks - especially with the mental aspects of the game - give me a shout.
  12. or did they?Hmmmmmmmmmm??????
  13. Wow, I don't know if I could ever put 95 percent of my roll on the line at one time, in one day or in one month.you'd best take a couple days off to get off tilt or steaming or hookers or whatever you did to lose the dough.With five percent to start with, you only have to double up 5 times to get back in the black.
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