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  1. Anyone know where I can watch season 5 of the office online? I tried NBC.com but they dont have the first few episodes and I want to watch them from the begining.Thanks for the help
  2. Don't worry, once you go through puberty it will happen for you!
  3. LOL at people thinking Ivey is worth 100MI would put it no where close to 100M. I don't think people understand how much money that really is.
  4. WTF you keep changing your avatar today
  5. I have tried this too but have had no luck so far. They say I have been placed on a list.....we'll see if it ever happens. It did work for a friend of mine though so definately give it a try
  6. Who is this Phil Hellmuth you speak of?
  7. Final Table of the FT HUGE $3.30 NLHE.....Currently 4/9GLGLEdit; PLO not NLHE
  8. QFT just not as much as he used to
  9. If that is you, you need to post more pics with less clothes on
  10. I would think this is just common sense.
  11. He does play poker, he just likes playing on full tilt and not poker stars so he was trying to use poker stars as a sports betting account and full tilt to play poker. He should have just taken all money on full tilt.
  12. Since when have you been able to unbook a bet? Good thing most of us have seen your true colors before getting any real action with you. I have placed many bets with rcooj and have never had a problem paying or collecting on a bet, nor has he called off a bet just cause he didnt like the bet after making it. I think StrippersNBlow needs to be added to the list of members not to do business with.
  13. I saw Smasharoo in the thread what ever happened to him....... Last Seen: September 13th, 2006 - 2:56 PM
  14. Thanks for the $500......looking forward to the strippers and blow
  15. Gus is going to win..........he already survived getting hit by the bus, what can this guy do to him
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