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  1. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Kathy is like Campbells Soup..good to the last drop!!! :twisted:
  2. The way I see it. WE are getting a raw, un-edited view into the life of DN. What makes him tick, etc. For that everyone should be grateful. In this world of Political Correctness it's refreshing to see a celebrity (yes DN you are) have some real opinions and not just a bunch of force fed PR crap. I should know...I am a PR peon. :twisted: However, on the other side of the coin. If one is willing to post a blog, then they are opening themselves and every single action they do to scrutiny. Do I agree with it NO, but DN can fend off a few trolls without our help. Seriously I wouldn't want to mess
  3. Suited.....you don't want me to play on stars???? Just kidding....I am at work and super sized busy so I keep typing stars and not party..when I really mean party
  4. I am very interested to go play on stars and party now just to see what I can see with the hand histories...I really feel like the stupidest person, that didn't know that.
  5. *kicks computer* I wish I had known that before I took all my money out of stars!!!! *re-kicks computer* But I love bodog hehehehee. :twisted:
  6. got one for you...I am sitting on pocket Aces..well not really sitting on them but you know I have them....I raise..get re-raised..I call..flop comes A-K-4...I check guy goes all in..I call....and bust him out no bad beat story we both had trips. Oh I forget to mention I bought the poor bastard a beer afterwards because it was at a LIVE game. Anyone who says the internet crap is rigged is more likely than not having a BAD streak. We all go through it! Hell if Smash can make money at the micro limits....then everyone who says the net is rigged can kiss my freshly shaven arse. :evil: :twisted:
  7. I just want to say thanks again for all the small tips. They were good enough to earn me a third place finish!! I finally had the dagger stick in me when my pocket Aces lost to Pocket Queens. But I do have a new found respect for limit hold'em.
  8. Welcome to the forum. Wrto NICE to have you back!
  9. Well, I survived the first hour of play. I know that this isn't a huge tournament. Only 34 players in it, top five spots get paid. After building my roll up to 2,000 (start at 1k)...lost to a couple of people chasing Aces towards the break. So now I am below avg chips at 1,270. Anyone have any advice on how to handle play before breaks? I always seem to find myself on the short end when breaks occur.
  10. Thank you for the advice...this is my first limit tournament..it will be interesting to see how I do...thanks again.
  11. I am playing at Bodog right now well at 2:00 p.m. EST in a fixed limit hold'em...anyone got any good advice on how to play limit? I will most likely play this tourney just like I do at $1-$2 fixed limit...meaning I am going to expect to get some nasty beats. Any advice will do wonders thanks.
  12. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....I keep getting worse!!! I started out at 22.45 seconds....man it's like blackjack once you are up you should stop!!!!!!
  13. Yes the war I was refering to was the beef people had with wrto..I thought wrto did the mixed games on the weekends.
  14. I know the recent WAR that was waged on this forum might have caused the end to the tournaments......is it offical....or is the tournament like the Pope's health?
  15. why yes I am a very confident, intelligent and well mannered person and am happy
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