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  1. At what % does the rake make a positive win rate unsustainable?
  3. If Brian's latest blog is any indication, losing +400k to Ivey really put a dent into an already really tough week.http://www.cardrunners.com/fusetalk/blog/b...7&catid=156
  4. Question to anyone who paid for the PPV coverage online through ESPN's site: Is it now in a recorded form that you can skip back and forth through?
  5. don't give it out. it'll crash or something and then i won't be able to watch Jerry Yang run around asking christ to let him suckout.
  6. Here's the thing. Poker is a game that is independent of the stupid little history pros ejaculate over, as well as whoever they perceive to be in the elite poker caste system that DN constantly waxes about. And which most internet pros joke about. The only image DN should worry about is his own. And what an incredibly vain, vain, vain statement to make about the "image" that this event has to project through a certain caste of winners.I hope Amnon Filippi #$%%ing crushes it. [edited lol]
  7. first tournament i ever played live was at Bally's last year. I think it was 65 buy in with quite a bit of juice. 32 entrants, I played shortstack all the way down to 4 handed. final 3 we all managed to get in preflop with pps and i took 1st for 1k and change on a sweet runner runner suck out.other than that highlight, I'd never play there again. respekt
  8. My buddy sent me this chat log today, however right before the legislation was to pass, I told him to withdraw 90% of his winnings, now he has a couple grand in BetHoldem. They have frozen all withdrawals.Please wait while we find an agent to assist you... You have been connected to Chennell Dowdye. Chennell Dowdye: Welcome to Live Chat Support, I am your Customer Service Representative, how may I assist you? :i am waiting for my money Chennell Dowdye: Thanks for contacting sir. : i want access to it now Chennell Dowdye: Please be assured that your funds are safe and that you will be able to a
  9. Yeah, I just got this in regards to my Hollywood Poker Affiliate Account, apart of OnGameDear xxxxxx,The President of the United States has signed new legislationthat will cause HollywoodPoker to suspend accepting depositsfrom YOUR U.S. players and examine potential offerings to yourUS player database that would be within the new law. Normalplay will continue for approximately 30 days while we monitorany new developments surrounding this new legislation. Duringthis time your U.S. players' will continue to have the ability to access their accounts as well as play HollywoodPoker games as they n
  10. Just got this from Titan Poker (apart of PlayTech):Important announcement from Titan Poker to United States residentsDear XXXX,Due to the recent passing of the Unlawful Gambling Enforcement Act by the United States Senate on September 30, 2006, and its imminent enactment as federal law, we will no longer allow real money gaming activities from United States residents.We regret to inform you that, consequently, we are closing your gaming account at Titan Poker.Your balance is available to you. You may access your account and request the withdrawal of such balance, subject to any conditions that
  11. Listen Einhorn's networth makes the main event prize pool look like change. The guy paid 200k to have an hour lunch with Warren Buffet. Jamie Gold is a typical Hollywood-talent-agent-sleaze turned producer Malibu butt munch.
  12. Only trip reports on the forum worth reading. Ever. Less cigars in this one though.
  13. S & D only does so much.Go to www.fileresearchcenter.com , then in the right hand corner you will see an option to see what is running on your computer.Click it, install the plugin to your browser, and it will run the proccesses against their database and highlight malicious programs.
  14. WOW. He completely had me fooled! What he was saying didn't add up, but I immediately thought to myself, wow his bad session in the big game must have really cleaned his clock. So he's too down to play. I'm thinking all of this financial doom and gloom. Then all of a sudden he slapped me in the face with, "SUCKER."Very well played.It is 1 am here and I had a really long day, so I could be easily manipulated to send my bank account info to Nigeria. Good night.
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