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  1. Seems like Tuan Le is extremly aggressive.."Maxfield limps, and Tuan Le makes the minimum raise to $1.2 million. Maxfield reraises, and Tuan Le goes all in. Maxfield quickly folds, and Tuan Le shows 8-5 offsuit. Maxfield says he folded 6-4."That says it all haha. He got lucky drawing out on the river all in, but Maxfield did it to Tuan 2-3 times during heads up as well. It's pretty incredible that during 3-handed play.. Hasim had 15mil of the 22mil in chips... and came in third.
  2. Wow that's pretty bad. Down in Socal, i usually go to Viejas/sycuan and sometimes morongo. Morongo also has a 100buy in NL with 1/2 blinds, but theres no half hour fee other than the rake. Sycuan does their NL games wierd. They have a 1/2 NL where the min buy in is 20$, dunno what the max is. All 3 just rake, which seem way better than the half hour fee.
  3. Oolong is the pet rabbit of a photo-enthusiast from japan. The Original Oolong died a couple years ago from cancer? i think. The rabbit has since been replaced with another Oolong.
  4. I think Hoyt Corkins asking for a chip recount, to make sure Dagastino wasnt eliminated, is what set him over the edge.
  5. I was watching the travel channel show "vegas cheats exposed", or close to that title, and this slots expert said that it is IMPOSSIBLE for a computer to generate random numbers. Thought it was a pretty interesting statement, and I think it helps clears up the "OMG x poker site cheats!"
  6. What's spiritrocks name?And about Dutch Boyd being all great.... He got outplayed by Chris Moneymaker haha. Dutch boyd, when he was chip leader in the 03 wsop, bluffed away a large portion of his chips postflop with KQos with a ragged flop and Moneymaker called with pocket 3s. Yea... it might have been worth bluffing if there was a big pot... but the pot consisted of 2 callers, the big/small blinds thats it.
  7. Wow, you totally rocked his world. I bet you cleaned out his bankroll.ps can i have your autograph?
  8. got 40.PS isn't WSOP going to the palms this year? I thought i heard them talk about it in the Tournament of champions.
  9. Too bad that hand didn't happen at a Live room.
  10. It seems like he's not doing that well at all. I think he wrote about "grinding" it out at the 1/2 table... and playing a 19$ buy in tournament, then complaining about the structure :shock: "Gank", who used to be part of 'the crew', claims that Dutch did some shady backroom deals to leave Gank out of the business plans. Gank seems to be on some journey to tell everyone and their mothers about how untrustworthy Dutch is.
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