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  1. I havent signed on here in ages, not by choice, my buddy talked me into playing in this no limit texas holdem tourney at an indian reservation just out of town, i thought it would be a good way to pick up some extra cash so i decided i would enter with my buddy, long story short i went on a run like you wouldnt beleave pcoket rockets, wierd kings, big slick suited, jsut an incrediable run, i thought i was untouchable that night little did i know this good run of cards was no fluke, turned out my buddy was up to his old mechanic tricks again base dealing, the peak fake shuffle u name it he did
  2. Every month at the neighborhood pub near my place they hold a No Limit Texas Holdem tournament for the Quads in the neighbourhood, ive wanted to get in this game for the longest time, it bugged me I couldnt get in on the action, so I started talking to my buddy about this and we came up with this grea idea I would enter this tournament undercover as a quadriplegic, the quads who enter this have an assistant to look at the cards so thats where me buddy comes in. The next step was securing a wheelchair, bu buddys siser worked at the local hospital so this was an easy step, once we got the wheels
  3. Oh sorry my mistake you should be allowed to say if somebody should die, well who the heck are you to pass jugment on somebody. What you wrote was verbal abuse and still was a threatning statement in some ways.
  4. Hey this goes for everybody here just because you don'y agree with someone don't say stuff like you should be shot in the head. I mean closetwin you can't and shouldent be going around threatning people on this forum and not on this forum.
  5. I was playing on ub at a 50 cent dollar no limit holdem game, Antonio Efandiari to the right of me Phil Hellmuth to the left of me, they didnt see a pro like me coming. So it's the first hand and I pick up a 2 6 of spades, wow I think to my self you really picked up a monster, it's on me so i bet 2.00, then Antonio raises me 3.00, so i'm thinking in my head you trying to put a move on me, bring it on magican your going to have to get lucky to beat my monster hand, Phil raises all in for 100 dollars, who do they think there playing with, trying to make a move on the great one not a chance, I go
  6. Last week I was talking to my friends and they had mentioned that the local hospital was throwing a No Limit Texas Holdem tourney for fun for blind people, I thought hey this is the time to master my skills I should play there teach those people how you really play poker. The only problem was how to get in the game, you have to be blind to play wich dosen't make much sense since you cant see your cards, but any ways what I found out is that they layed there cards on the table and a helper would whisper in there ears what cards they had, I think to myself jesus this is better then I thought
  7. Thanks for responding to my post Norman I find your insite to my post shattering. Keep up the good work Norman and you can become SUPERCHUCKS new deputy.
  8. He must be on duty policeing the forum, I hope the local forum mountie racks up some arrests tonight. I will sleep alot better tonight knowing hes protecting me from spelling errors.
  9. Weres my good friend with the phd in forum spelling correction.
  10. To everybody who works hard at there job, theres an easier way then busting your but, you can always drop a beam on your leg like i did and let workers comp pay your bills, or you can become a forum spelling corrector like my good friend SUPERCHUCK. He makes a nice living just ask him.
  11. What kind of wages do forum spelling correctors make these days.
  12. I hope your parents are proud paying 60 grand on your education, For you to correct spelling errors. They must be proud there kids a spelling corrector.
  13. Who are you suposed to be a ****** comedian. I lost my leg
  14. Droping the beam on my leg was the best thing I have ever done, The goverments stakeing me permenently and if i lose its on them.
  15. My friend told me a idea when we were working together at the mill, I was telling him i was on a little bit of a bad streak in poker, so he sugested perposly injuring myself so the goverment gives me money. Any ways god bless the canadian goverment and workers comp.
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