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  1. Sorry - didn't check this thread again - but absolutely, go ahead. The program works in several ways. If you have a regular game you would like to keep stats on, you would first start a 'Season', and then import or add players to the season's Roster. Then, when you're ready for the game, you create a tournament. There are options to for bounties, multiple add ons, and rebuys. You can select one of the included blind structures or create your own. The beta version out there now only supports no limit holdem, but the next version (i'm testing now) supports both stud and flop style games in
  2. Easy Blackjack strategy:win 2 in a row, increase your bet ... win 2 more in a row, increase again. If you lose, go back to the min bet.don't EVER increase your bet when you are on a losing streak.Very simple if you are disciplined enough. The idea is to maximize profits when winning and minimize losses when you're losing.
  3. Hey ... anybody of heard of Steve Dannenmann or this other dude .... David Williams?
  4. Hey - I run a similar monthly game, but at the end of the year the winners AND top point earners get into the TOC. I wrote an application to track user statistics keep track of blinds. I plan on selling it eventually, but I'll give you the download link if you'd like to use it ... all i ask is you provide feedback and suggestions.http://www.duckstournamentdirector.com/download.htmAlso, the program creates webpages, and you can view our season stats here.
  5. limit or no limit?cash game or tourney?limit cash, check and hope to hit the flop.no limit cash, i agree to raise it 2.5-3x pot or else you're going to end up with everyone calling b/c they will all have tremendous pot odds.
  6. 1-2 nl or 2-6 spread at excalibur ... mandalay has a tram that will take you there
  7. Chances are the rake was already capped after the big bet ... some ppl just like to complain.
  8. no wings?! can you get igor grigorenko for next year?
  9. Any cleveland area people interested in playing a low buyin nl tourney for fun (~$20 buyin). I live close to John Carrol in the university heights area.please, no felons
  10. its a risk, sure ... but i have an empty bench space not doing anything ... 2 solid games and i'll be able to get something
  11. REMINDER: if any of you have spare bench room ... pick up ricky williams for trade bate
  12. mi. clayton, m. muhammed, ferguson, and buress are my other receivers (we play 3) ... not great, but i'm stacked at RB and nobody is giving up WR's ... burleson will be back in a few weeks
  13. I have palmer and parker, and if someone only offered me manning i'd piss on his face (or maybe something else insulting, but not so vulgar)i have another question to pose: as i said, palmer is my starting QB ... i traded vick for burleson ... good deal?
  14. LOL.Second best starting hand in holdem....i would have done the same thing. nice hand!Thanks! It was scary though and for quite a bit of dough!IMO, if you think that is quite a bit of dough, you shouldn't be playing those stakes..personally, i play lower stakes, so i'm not trying to insult you at all, but if getting all your money in with KK and considering one table's/session's buyin a lot of money ... you are probably playing outside your bankroll. take a step back before you go broke. ...but again, just my opinion.
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