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  1. If Russell would have shown up, then Brandon would be for sure getting voted out next, just in case Russell influenced his game.
  2. No way, you can see skin in the lower right part of the picture, and unless that's a massive penis growing out of his butt, the tattoo is probably on his arm.
  3. If God is all knowing, then he already knew who would be saved. If he is all powerful, he could change or allowing anything.It's not a gotcha.
  4. You want to 'get' me so badly, that you're not even making sense. I'm not the one that said that. Speedz did, and yes Speedz thinks most, if not all of Genesis, is fantastical.
  5. Get him, All-IN!! We're all behind you!Allah Akbar!
  6. The trade deficit would be eliminated if Apple made iPads in the US? Who knew?Also, this is my favorite part:"Apple itself, responsible for design and marketing, captures by far the lion's share of the value of each iPad sold: a handsome US$150 (see the chart)."THE EVIL CORPORATION TAKES THE LION SHARE OF ALL THESE NUMBERS WE'VE MENTIONED!!! (even though our own chart suggests that material cost is higher than what we are now pointing out! ps. Please gloss over how we snuck in the fact that out of Apple's $150, they have to pay for design and advertising, since that's no big deal. pps.
  7. I want to murder someone right now. My TA in one of my political science classes is a ****ing moron. We were having a review session just now and she said this:Retarded TA: Does anyone know what the national voter age turnout in the Bush/Kerry election was?me: Is this on the test?Retard: No.me: ...Retard: Do you knowme: I would guess 52 or 53%Retard: Wrong. It was 33%, and the 2008 election was 76%. I know this because there was a 50% increase in voter turnout that election.me: How the **** did you get accepted into grad school? I hate you.
  8. It's the Raiders. They are required to make terrible trades.
  9. I went to a protest today. It was awesome what a disaster it was. The "leader" was from New York City and basically everyone formed a big circle and took turns yelling about how terrible America is. I saw FOUR people wearing pro-Mao t-shirts. One pro-Che t-shirt. Zero American flags. Lots of people (relatively speaking) with anti-capitalism signs. There were probably 40 protesters and 40 journalists.My favorite sign (held by a 19 year old (+/- one year) co-ed student):"Last year I paid more taxes than US BANK. What the ****?"
  10. I don't have any friends that regularly visit a cathouse. DAMN U! *fist shaking at the sky*
  11. I don't suppose you realized who that poll was conducted by?
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