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  1. Damn I forgot all about the PLO tonight.
  2. Sounds awesome. To bad its to far of a drive for me from panama city.
  3. Episode 5 Spoiler alert: you will be disappointed
  4. Black ops on PS3 and grinding out small porn sessions and killin it. Giggity giggity
  5. Its a joke..looking back on it I should of put 1 billion dollar stake. By doing this there might not have been so much confusion. Gitty gitty goo.
  6. Sry if I offended you. I did not mean anything by it. Just messing around.
  7. Sry just could not help myself. Im so bored with no pokers to play.
  8. nice run thanx for playing
  9. The game is pretty quick and there is a clock. But save your gas and time they are not worth it.
  10. my bad dude.....for some reason it wont let me transfer again. i will hit you up again another day for the other 4.40. gl in the one.
  11. sent and gl....want to play 2?
  12. Its been awhile since I have staked anyone. So here we go. I am offering two 4.40 180 man stakes. If I know you then you have a good shot at getting one. Standard 50/50 NSB. Post name and city.
  13. I have played on them a few times on cruise ships. The only upside I noticed was that you don't have to tip the dealer. Other than that you might as well be playing online. If its your only option try it out, just don't expect the same experience of a brick and mortar game.
  14. mildly interested alittle more makers mark and im in.
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