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  1. When I left I think they needed 50 more players, but the last level was going to end in twenty minutes, they won't make it until tomorow.
  2. I was standing there for that hand. Oh man, we were like oh crap! What a BIG FREAKING POT! The ESPN guys started running around, getting the lighting adjusted, etc. That hand will surely make the telecast. I think that Layne actually had him covered so he had to move in to call. I think I would have called as well. If Layne really has the set, does he move in immidiately, probably not unless he puts Grinder on KQ. If I go broke on that hand then its just not my day. Helmeuth would have laid it down, and told everyone how that was the hand he was meant to go broke on.
  3. I picked up the crablar suited in the main event, right at the beggining. I considered moving in just for shits. and giggles, but then came to my sences that I WAS PLAYING A $10,000 buy in tournament.
  4. These events are part of the WSOP schedule, so I assume that they will be awarding a bracelet (man I don't know what I would do for one of those, but I would go to great lengths). Anyway, I am just happy to get another shot to play, and hopefully put myself in position to contend for the bracelet/win/cash/whatever.I am not leaving that room without one hell of a fight they better be ready for me.
  5. ok so I completely bungled the spelling of his name who cares.Anyway, as I am leaving the Rio I see the wierdest thing. Antonio, and I guess his girlfriend are hugging this dude. All three of them cuddled up. I would assume that the dude just busted out, and was getting the consolation, but it was bizar to be walking along and look up to see that. On my way by I give them the thumbs up, and say "Rocks N Rings Baby!" Na I thought about that afterwards, man I wish I would have said it.
  6. Ok so I am standing by one of the guys who I have met playing cash games when I look down to see the new "FCP" logo on his chest. I say hey wait a second where did you get that. The guy says in the convention that is now closed. I say to the guy, so do you go to that site, and he says I don't even know what this is they just gave me a free shirt. OK NOW I AM PISSED, WHERE IS MY SHIRT. This clown has one and doesn't even know. Daniel I need a shirt for the $1,000 buyin WSOP event on Tuesday.
  7. Wow I am so excited, tonight I headed over to the Rio to try to win a seat for the $1000 No Limit WSOP event on Tuesday. I was having dinner with my dad who just started getting around after being in bed for three months with a broken back. Anyway, my Dad says "hey I'll give one a shot too". Well about an hour and a half later we are both on our way out of the Rio with our Buy-ins for the tourney. Anyway, feel free to check out my blog on Tuesday, as I will try to give updates and pictures from the floor this time, as long as the cell phone cooperates. http://softwaretestwsop.blogspot.com/
  8. I saw Marcel in the hallway right after he busted. I said man what the hell are you doing out here, he said well I tried to make a move.
  9. And how much I get screwed for when Layne Flack or Clonie Gowen wins the event. I was planning on $100k, but now I have to settle for $75k. That won't buy a new Porsche and cover the insurance. (sw)I just watched layne scoop a pretty good pot, and clonnie doesn't seem to be in bad shape either.
  10. Check out my blog: http://softwaretestwsop.blogspot.com/I am still crying over my 95% favorite going into the river for all of my chips. I am sure it is a typo. In the end I have many more complaints as to how they ran the event, but I am sure that they are working as hard as they can, and as to the important aspects of the game they did a great job. In playing for 14 hours I did not see a dealer make one mistake. The only mistep was when the dealer did not give me my change from my ante, and he even corrected that prior to dealing the hand as he recounted the antes.
  11. I don't know, but everytime I see someone with an assload of WSOP chips I feel sick to my stomach, and begin thinking about my 95% favorite. Man I wonder how long this will last.
  12. This must be a mistake from cardplayer as I don't remember us getting a 30 minute break on day one. This may sound trivial, unless you spent the day running back from the restroom so you wouldn't miss your blind, and in a $10,000 buyin event I am not missing my blind especially when I am shortstacked.Date / Time: 2005-07-09 13:02:00 Title: Break Time Log: The players are on a short 30 minute break. While on break all 1,800 or so players will all try to use the 1 bathroom near the Amazon room. Maybe 30 minutes isn't enough time.
  13. I knew I got lucky when I drew my table, the dealer tossed all of us an extra $5000 chip giving us a total of 10,000 chips (sw)
  14. Well, its a five day event, and I can think of about 200 other hands that I would rather get involved in than 23 sooted. One of my big problems yesterday was getting down in chips early. People are more inclined to call bets from short stacks rather than large ones. Looking back on the hand there was no way to avoid it though. I was in the BB with AJ, it was folded around to the SB, who raised it 3X with AQ. I called, an ace and a Q fell on the flop, I succesfully managed the size of the pot to loose as little as possible, but it definitely effected my chances a bit in loosing 1000 or so
  15. Hey it looks like Daniel is out so I guess I beat him by about 1500 places. Man I hope that he can turn things around soon. It seems like he really could use a few weeks off. I think that he may need to readjust his style for these WSOP events. I think that he probably tends to play a bit loose preflop, figuring that he will outplay them, and he has paid deerely for it. I think that the players in WSOP events are vastly different from WPT Players (although I haven't played a WPT event, but just judging the demographic). From what I saw yesterday, people really did not pay any attention t
  16. I was just telling my buddy, thats the reason that I wrote the blog. It's one thing to hear Daniel talk about his experiences, but its a whole different thing to hear about it from someone who would probably have the same prospective as you. Don't get me wrong, everyone knows that the WSOP is a huge deal for Daniel, but comming from my prospective I may never have another chance to play again. I had an absolute blast, and of the major confrontations that occured which ended in me loosing the tournament, I can honestly say that facing the exact same situation I would not have played any of t
  17. na, I will sleep this afternoon, and play poker tonight lol.
  18. Ok, now I know how Daniel does it. I find myself up at 8:45 AM, ready to go play, and dreaming about what could have been, lol. Man I still can't believe that the guy hits a 5%'er on me. What a time for that!
  19. Yep, it was me. During the first break I saw Belski, so I did an interview with him. Wow what a day. I really don't know how Daniel does it especially with all of the fans, it seemed like everywhere you were trying to go some bung hole was standing in your way. I obviously didn't have anyone trying to take pictures with me, and at each break I barely made it back in time. With two hour levels you definitely have to take a piss. Anyway you can read about how I floated along, and then got slapped around with the cold deck after the dinner break, on my blog. Up until today, I was really p
  20. Forget Daniel good luck me. Na I am ok with him making the top twenty.
  21. When I went over to the Rio this afternoon to register, I walked through the exhibit hall. They had a booth for Bluff Magazine. They had taken the current cover which says: "10 Million Dollar First Prize", and put stickers over the 10, which said 7. I think the hype machine might have gone a little bit out of control this year, but it still should be a HUGE event. By the way I play tomorrow so feel free to check out my blog, as I will be posting pictures, and updates throughout the day, provided that I make it through the first hour. In which case I will be posting pictures from the bar.h
  22. The Bike has the best low buyin structure.
  23. They were filming this at a tournament that I won one night a few months back. I remember thinking at least this guy is donating money to the pot.
  24. I beat a guy one night who had to have his girlfriend lift his cards up for him. He had a trechiotomy, and tubes sticking out of his throat. I felt that if I played him any differently than anyone else I would be a bigger ass. than if I just played my game. I really don't see what him having a handicap has to do with your feelings over the win.Oh by the way, in the last hand of the tournement he doubled me up, which ended up costing him at least $1000 in real money when we decided to chop.
  25. I have been working on that, as part of my preparations I have been studying Bill Fillmaff videos. I am usually extremely sarcastic, hopefully everyone understands that most of what I say is just crap. If I bust out on the first hand then so be it, but hopefully I will just play a good game. As I said in the blog I am in for $15.50, so its all just a bonus from here.
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