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  1. Quick Question.... Tell me if there is any problem with this... I play under player x's name... I owe my friend rent each month.... is there any problem (he is ok with it) if I cash out on player x's name but direct deposit to my friends bank acct? So I play under my name, but I cash out to a bank acct not belonging to me... good?
  2. So last night I was super deep in both the $10 A and the $10 B when fulltilt went down. For those of you who don't know, the A and the B are special tournaments in which you pay a bigger tournament fee and that money gets entered into a jackpot that is cracked when one player manages to win both. Additionally you can earn prizes if you cash in both and make both final tables. As of two days ago a double cash was worth ~$40 the top combined double finish was worth ~$750 and a double final table is worth ~$7k. My situation was there was about 30 players left in both tournaments, I for sure had t
  3. Hey guys, I am trying to deposit onto Fulltilt using my Visa Debit card. This is my first time ever depositing so I have little idea what to do. I followed the instructions on fulltilt, entered all of my information, and they said: Thank you for attempting to make a Credit Card Deposit with Full Tilt Poker.Unfortunately due to situations out of our control, not all Credit Cards can be processed at this time.We recommend that you open a Ultra Prepaid account, which allows you to quickly deposit or withdraw funds once you’ve created your account.So now I am wondering if I should us this Ultra Pr
  4. missed the show last night, i was wondering what happened. It sucks NBC wont let you watch old episodes anymore
  5. Anyobody know how the point system is structured for Full Tilts sit and go madness? I play mainly 6 man sitngo's but I can't find on the site how many points a first is and how many points for a second.good luck, jack
  6. Anyone know what the average place finish between the $10 A and the B tournaments usually is to win the best double finish out of the jackpot is?
  7. anyone know who played in the recent 40/80 DS cardrunners video... i know it was stinger taylor and two other people but cant find the other two people
  8. alright thanks.... to qualify for rakeback do i need to deposit or would it be alright if i started my account via transfer
  9. Are there any rakeback oppurtunities for me if I already have a longstanding fulltilt account or do I have to get a new account?
  10. i got $15 from the freeroll then worked that up a little
  11. Simple question: Is it okay to withdrawl on fulltilt if i havnt deposited, i cashed in a freeroll and am looking to cash some out now. I won't run into any problems with fulltilt will I?thanks
  12. there wasnt a short stacked player in this handedit: oops, 2k, not 200... does this change anything
  13. i thought 350 too, but you dont think 170 does almost the same thing while risking less chips
  14. $120 6 man sng on bodog6 left, blinds 10-20 hero: 2300player A: 1700 player B: 2000JJ on the button Player A makes it 70 to go under the gunPlayer B min raises to 120 folds to me, i decide to re minraise to 170 to open up the action to player B to see what he does without risking a lot of chipsA and B get all of their chips in, i foldthat bad?
  15. If you were "so sure" he was bluffing then all you had to do was beat him into the pot or at least call quickly that would discourage the player behind to fold... you said at the time you werent really concerned about the player behind so if you were so sure that the guy was bluffing i dont know why you hesitated so long... it obviously encouraged the call from the player with queens
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