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  1. You live in bush country, your opinion is worth nothing.(sw)tho if you voted for bush i take the (sw) back.
  2. They arrest an officer who actually attempts to make a difference for playing poker.This is the best part:The officer, Vicki Mengel, is a nine-year veteran who works in the Southwestern District's operations squad, which typically targets drug dealing, prostitution, gambling and other nuisance crimes.
  3. I got into a hand and hit submit, 123 left.
  4. I got crippled when pkt 88 hit a 1 card straight on the river to beat my pkt queens going all in on the flop. I currently have a piddly 6500 chips.
  5. Guy pushed on me with an OESFD and hit a straight on the river, crippled my stack and im out. I am still alive in the 100$ deepstack tho.
  6. I dont think ive said anything that reflects negativly in the past on DN. I think the OP has some valid points. If you are one of the top cash game players in the world who focuses on your craft you will have an advantage over someone like DN who will be rusty to some degree from the many engagements he is involved in. This is not to say DN isnt an excellent player, just that he has a bit of a disadvantage against some of the best. On the other hand DN just seems to be running bad, when BG called DNs all in after BG bet 10k with AJ, on a 1 card flush draw and hit you cant really say BG out
  7. Was about 10 mins before the end of day two, i had about 110k which was a decent stack, could have anted into 2nd level money, but I was bein agressive pickin up antes and blinds while people were on the bubble. I had raised 7 hands in a row with only one call, which i took down on the flop. I never had a real hand, i finally picked up pkt TT two off the button and made my same standard raise. Everyone folded to the BB who had about 125k, basically even to me. He reraised me to 20k. I caught the BB making a move a couple times over the 10 hours I was with him in a similar fashion. I thou
  8. I went out 576th in the WSOP ME with pkt 10s.
  9. Dont reset the post counts, I've been writing meaningless posts for months to get where i am! :roll:
  10. I always thank every fish I bust at the tables. =)
  11. I am in the tourney aswell, however I have been pissing my chips away. I took a few bad beats and im down 4k for the day, not really takin this tourney seriously. GL to everyone who is tho.
  12. bend oregon is over 3 hours away. There is a legal casino 30-40 mins away in La Center, Washington. However, this casino only offers Limit Holdem, it does not offer No limit, with exception to its Saturday tournament. I have played this tourney twice and finished first both times, buying in both times for $210. I pulled 3k, and 2k off the two wins. That said, the blind structure is pretty terrible and it is just an attraction for the casino to get players in.The only decent casino for NL holdem is Spirit Mountain which is about 90 minutes away, and most "normal" people dont wanna spend 3
  13. I used to be a regular there, in fact its where I learned to play. I know a lot of the regulars, noone has ever been caught using a marked deck. Dont get me wrong I hate the place, I will probably never go there again. This is due to the small buyins, the large rake, and the skimming. I know many of the regulars, and I know the person who runs the only decent sized cash game there, the HORSE game, and the 2/4 PLO Hi/Lo game, and the guy is honest to a fault. The smaller cash games have no profit in marking the cards, who is gonna mark a deck in a back alley place like barts to win 100$ at
  14. Barts is a scummy place, the pots on their tourneys are skimmed horrendously. They charge a 8$ rake on the tourneys per head, then on top of that the guy who runs the tournaments skims the pot. If you go there on any given day of the week you will find the pot short 200-800$. However, there are no people scamming the games, noone brings in their owns decks, or tries to cheat you in the cash games.
  15. Cash the money out NOW! Life is more important.I am 21, I've been playing for about 13 months. I had never played a hand of poker before 13 months ago. Your bankroll is 1100$ the majority of which came from a nice tourney finish. If I make 300$ in a day, I am having a pretty crummy day. Stay at 25$ NL tables when you have some free time and enjoy it. Please do not consider going pro though. Playing poker professionally is very stressful, and if you are still playing at 25$ NL tables after a year and a half perhaps poker isnt what you were meant to do. I love playing golf, but after a
  16. he made an amazing finish, but greatly missplayed it HU.
  17. usually never sweat, but im watchin. GL.
  18. I wouldnt mind flopping my nutts on her.
  19. I call your brazilian and raise you a guatamalan.Just to give you an idea. The decent 150-300 LIMIT player making 1/3BB hour will make about a million dollars a year. So if you think these top pros are making 400-500k, well you may want to reconsider.
  20. I love donkey players such as yourself. I show you a bluff on a small pot and you pay me off on the big ones. Anyone who judges a player on ONE hand is a fool 80% of the time; especially a small hand they did not play. When I play the 100-200$ sngs I usually play 4tables or more at a time to make it profitable. There is this little thing called a check/fold button, you may have seen it occasionally, a lot of players who multi table use this button if their hand is total garbage. Now go back to dominating those winning donkeys.
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