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  1. I have never had any problems with Neteller, and have found them to be courteous, reliable and just great to deal with.Keep in mind that even the biggest companies have their websites go down, or are taken down for routine maintainance. At least they had a message saying so.They are so good at protecting you, that my buddy was trying to make a transfer last night and they sent him an email saying he needed to contact them.He called them and they told him that they wanted to verify his identity because someone else had personal info that was almost identical to his including birth date and nam
  2. Ron you are doing a bang up job, emphasis on the bang, of getting back in to the swing of things!As a 42 year old married dad I agree that missidaho looks mighty fine, mom or not.But being a mom and keeping that shapely figure takes a lot of work and dedication, so nice job miss!
  3. I agree. You look great and you should be very proud of that fact.
  4. Great looking table!I like the racetrack for another reason besides those already mentioned, it is a great place to stack chips easier.I have played in some casino's where the felt tends to start to tilt downwards near the padded rail and chips have a tendency to fall if you aren't careful.The racetrack makes for a nice level area to keep the chips stacked.
  5. I think I'll go with this one.It really is very nice, is that your abs of steel pose?
  6. She is keeping the mystery alive. She is being very creative in her use of an avatar, and I like what she has done so far.Keep on keepin' on Missidaho!
  7. Yes they are that quick! Come to think of it Party is probably just as fast. Bodog makes you jump through the kind of hoops you mentioned, the only stipulation that Stars has which I am not crazy about but can live with is that you have to wait 48 hours after your last withdrawal before you can cash anything.However if you have had money in your account for more than the 48 hours and you go to cash you have it immediately in Neteller.I think the best way to go is to fund your account via Visa if you can, my bank so far allows it and then to cash out via Neteller.There is no fee to cash out v
  8. I find it interesting that there are quite a few folks on this forum who don't like Poker Stars, but from my experience they are the absolute hands down best, when it comes to processing payments.At least through Neteller. If you cash out of Poker Stars the money is literally in your Neteller account within minutes, and in fact in most cases seconds.It then takes about 2 working days max to have the money in your checking account from Neteller.I have cashed from the following:Party PokerNobleParadisePoker StarsBodogParty in my experience is second best, again took a couple of hours. Noble t
  9. No sooner do I post that, and now it is up!!Japan is not though just in case your Japanese isn't rusty!
  10. Not working now, unless you want to access Neteller Japan, which would be great but my Japanese is a little rusty.
  11. I am playing at a 1-2 limit table on PS and there is a guy playing anything and everything and catching.Truly a fish, and another guy keeps berating him.I have not said a word at this table and I just lost a $40.00 pot with Ace, Jack when it was capped preflop and on the flop, and the just wouldn't go away.He played a 10, 4 off-suit and made his straight on the turn. I had a pair of jacks, with the Ace.I didn't say a word, despite the fact that losing with Ace, Jack to 10, 4 pretty much sucks, but I have learned that it doesn't help to berate these players. In the long run I can make much m
  12. Patent pending yet?No, it's still in the trial phases. Our first test run is going to be on X-22.He is even more annoying in person than on TV.I would think that if you were him you would not want to draw anymore attention to yourself, but he does.The whole Quack, Quack, and rainbow bets are so silly, but I found him to be just goofy, but he does get under peoples' skin.Alan Colon was commenting the next day after he was gone from our table how much it bugged him.
  13. I know my response about Alan was long, so I understand if you may have missed what I said, but I actually defended him against someone else calling him a donkey.I in no way think he is a donkey, he is a very tough player, and you are right that he made a tough laydown with the queen, jack.I just think he is too tight in general to make final tables in tournies, more so in the case where he was criticizing my making very large pre-flop raises to take the blinds and antes. He felt I was taking too big a risk, whereas I don't want to allow anyone to see a flop, cheap with overcards to my middle
  14. Well I want to first temper my comments by saying that situations change and I know that people have made assumptions about the way I play by a few interactions and the longer you play you evolve.The other conclusion I have come to is this, in poker there really is no one way to play a hand. No right or wrong, as it is all situational, position, chip stack, who you are playing, etc. etc.I also am a very good Blackjack player, that is a game that with the exception of a tournament, you always play a hand a certain way.So while I don't agree with the way Alan plays, I certainly would not call h
  15. Thanks much to you and all the well wishers.Yes it really was an incredible time.The feeling of being there in that atmosphere, knowing that I was actually participating and not just watching was soooo cool.I can tell you though that I now understand what it feels like too to bust out with the money in sight. It does feel like being punched in the stomach.But after having time to reflect, I realize that I was fortunate to be in such an event and know that I will at some point in the future play in another big event.I left there with some fantastic memories. I felt like a little kid playing w
  16. You got my face wrong, but that look is pretty much the look that Men was giving me!I guess he wanted me to melt in to a puddle of fear and start weeping uncontrollably at the table.Which is exactly what I did, I even called the tournament director and told him I was really, really scared of Men and that I only had 7k in chips left, so could he please move me to an easier table.Thanks for the laugh DNA, you are always good for it, the DNA "The Master of Pictures" Forever.Going to watch a movie with my wife, will check in with you fine folks later!
  17. Krup,I just have one comment/request. I have in the past not acted the best, however that guy is largely dead and buried. I am not saying that I may still from time to time not get out of line, but you have apparently only seen the occasions and I assure you they are rare where I am the bad guy or out of line.Now not to excuse such behavior but apperantly you have never been around to witness the verbal beatings that I have taken online. That having been said I have tried very hard to be a better poster with a better attitude but every single post that you make about me continually brings u
  18. I did thanks!Day one was tough, because the longest tournament experience I had, had previously had been 7 hours in a tourney I won in CA.I really ended day one thinking to myself how the heck do these guys do this for 4 or 5 days straight 9 to 10 hours a day. I even asked Chris Ferguson and he didn't really have an answer, and just said imagine some of these guys in cash games play for days straight, I just responded, that I can't even imagine that.I realized though after day one that it isn't so bad, you kind of get in to a zone, and then it really is no different then sitting at a desk at
  19. I would have gladly covered any FCPer. There are many good players - who most people do not know and taking (personal) photos of you also lets the other players believe you are someone of note and give you some leeway to make moves. One time, POTY-favorite John Phan was at a table and no one gave him any respect.I'm the guy who looks like my avatar and I'm with the pokerwire/cardplayer guys (the regulars) usually. Also, I wear a green Bluff Press pass and am usually yelling at Matusow to get some cards.Cardplayer (BJ Nemeth) came late on Day 2. He is the best tournament reporter out there and
  20. I would have loved to have met Daniel, but there are so many events these days, I understand him not making it.I was actualy quite pleasantly surprised by how many big name pro's were there. As I said most of them were very gracious and pleasant.Larry, sorry I missed you, or you missed me.I am not news worthy at this point, just a poor working schlubb trying to take care of his family.My only minor disappointment was that everytime someone went all in the ESPN news crew came over and if you busted out interviewed you.I guess by the time that I was all in in 85th position the novelty had worn
  21. First of all, I just want to say a sincere thanks to all of you for sweating me during my first big event!!It was truly a thrill and an honor to play among and with the best poker players in the world.Yes Paul Magriel is more annoying then Matusow. He does his quack, quack, and rainbow bets etc. Too tired to explain all that now, but I played with him for about 7.5 hours.When I first sat down on Tuedsay I had Paul to my left and Steve Brecher from Team Full Tilt to my right as well as a local pro Alan Colon from Long Island to my right.During the last hour on Tuesday pro Steve Zolotow, who's
  22. Right so it's best to delete the link, so as not to encourage the spam.I have no ownership in Red Bull, and since it's free that works. I sure as hell wouldn't pay like $2.50 a can or whatever the hell it goes for.That has got to be one of the greatest scams in the world, that and parking lots and garages in New York city.I think I will either buy myself a Red Bull distributorship or a parking lot in NYC, not sure which is more profitable but god they must be close.
  23. Never heard of Socko, I think I will stick with Red Bull!Stuff works well for the purpose of staying alert.
  24. See now either the counter is broken or it will only count one post per thread since I should at least be on like 564 by now but I bet when I click on submit I will STILL be at 562.Oh well really and truly this is my last post for at least the next few days.I can here the cheering going on already!!!
  25. 563!I may just make it to 600 in the next couple of minutes.On second thought probably not as I need to get the hell out of here very soon.
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