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  1. download 'Tournament Director'can't remember were from. it won't help much but it'll organise it all
  2. HAHAHAHAHA... yeahhhhhhhhhi agree with you though. don't like it... leave.
  3. for a start. i wasn't trying to insult you. i was just saying you're overreacting.2nd of all... i'm an engineer from a city, so by no means can you call me poor and a teenager. do not make assumptions. also your argument comparing an INTERNET site to a restaurant is absurd. two completely different thing.also, stop being a hypocrite, if you are going to tell someone to express themselves in a more appropriate way, first learn to SPELL!!!!and by god i hope you have watched every second of every video before you complain about lack of new material.grow up.
  4. these games look sooooooooooo juicy...!!! i can't believe it
  5. IMO, i think this is a pretty unfair criticism. Not only is the WSOP currently half way through, and as most poker players know, this is the most hectic 6 weeks of the year.Yes. There is bugs on the site. remember it is a brand new site, and any site is going to take a couple months in order to smooth out the bugs. ask any programmer, any person with knowledge of anything in that field.... nothing is right the first time round. and yes, it is a great idea financially to release a book/site during the WSOP. GJ DN for that, it is a great idea.Also, even though poker is in the midst of the WSOP,
  6. x4they really need to sort out the bugs on the site, there is quite a few
  7. my assumption... the site is under construction.
  8. I don't know if anyone else has notices anything, or if it just my PCbut there are some glitches that are a bit wierd... on a 'hand analysis' hand, there is a flop card being shows before DN has talked about it (2d) then the flop comes out and it was meant to be Ad and didn't change.also on the new 25/50 vids, part 2 freezes about halfway through.anyone else find these or any other bugs?
  9. one of Boosted J's vids don't worki think it is the 4th 5/10 NLHE vid. did anyone else find this?if so fixing it would be awesome :)thanks
  10. For Charley Swanye.With your topic on deception. Just for clarification. Is that similar to 'mixing it up', as in, deception is a move you'd only use every now and than to throw off you're opponents reads, etc?Thanks.
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