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  1. gg sir,i was at your table when we got down to the last 18 but went out with A8<AQ when i shoved from the button
  2. If i was him i'd just play online now and again from the luxury of a beautiful beach where no one can find me.
  3. Ship the $26 bracelet race for $2k
  4. Gonna play a bunch of stuff today, and grind some steps sng's too. GL all!
  5. I've forgot about this event 2 times in a row now, FML!
  6. In 6 max mini ftops and maybe the ME,depends how i do in the 6 max and if i decided to get baked after. GL all!EDIT: out of 6max, **** tournaments,going to get baked!
  7. in!1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9,11,12,14,19,20,22,23,25,27,28 and the MEDidn't cash in any last time around,This time will be different! :DGL All
  8. oh, and dibs on a main event seat in the $1 Main event seat qualifier
  9. Gonna play a few today,probably gonna play about 10-15 tournies, none above $26 tho, mgiht try to sattie into the brawl and 750k. GL all, i have a really good feeling today!
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