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  1. Interesting points:1. There are 14 stops this year on the tour and 26 episodes to air.2. Season VII will have 1 hour shows while all previous seasons were 2 hours or longer.3. Sunday night vs NFL will most likely spell doom.
  2. WTF???How about have DN talk to a television network...ANY network...that might want to sign a deal with the WPT to air Season 7 shows cuz until the WPT does that, it is HIGHLY unlikely that Fallsview will bother to run an event that LOSES money for them without getting any television exposure out of it. Fallsview and WPT have a contract that requires WPT to have a TV deal to air the NAPC; since they have no deal with any network, they are in breach of contract and Fallsview is likely to refuse to bother holding the event and either use that to get out of the 5 year deal or sue the WPT (which
  3. GO ocrowe!! FTWTID...TID...TID... represent Canada, the East Coast and Halifax all the way!!!
  4. Apparently, this guy/girl has taken multi-accounting to a whole new level, actually existing as two entirley different people, one male and one female!!!Or, am I reading these two posts incorrectly??
  5. You'll need to turn the doll around....
  6. Sun, 06 Jul 2008 23:14:38Beautiful DistractionsKarina Jett just stopped by Antonio Esfandiari's table to see her friend Heather Esquin. Not only did she say hello, but Jett thoroughly rubbed and squeezed Esquin's breasts. She claimed it was for good luck. Esfandiari commented, "How are we as men supposed to concentrate with that going on?"Heather EsquinVideo ClipKarina Jett
  7. Isn't the Tour De Fance and the fact that Armstrong won it seventy brazillion times in a row the most epic feat in sports?
  8. I think everyone should be sure to QUOTE the OP if they reply to this thread......
  9. Source? Link?Any poker player that rips a card in half is destroying private property (that of the specific card room) and drops below the crud on a mustard jar's cap in rankings of human beings, let alone poker players....
  10. Well, actually, any wagering done in Ontatio that is not against the Government of Ontario IS illegal. All wagering must be done through government approved/owned/operated means, and online gambling (on any site) is not one of those. All gambling, amongst friends/co-workers/strangers be it golfing, sports wagering, poker, pool, bar pools, fantasy leagues, friendly "handshake" wagers (involving money), etc.. is by the letter of the law ILLEGAL.
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