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  1. anyone know where to get the other 95rocks song (not ace high)? they played it a lot on shows earlier in the series. basically just repeats the names of famous pros to a techno beat...
  2. native english speakers, in the chat boxes: ''your'' when they mean ''you're.'' -not knowing the difference btw "there" "their" and "they're"-saying "should of" when they mean "should have" or "should've"
  3. how did this thread turn into a fight over the harry potter girl?
  4. As a way of showing how much you care you could say "I see your sharkscope, it looks like you might have a gambling problem, here is the number of an agency you might want to call."This may also serve as an effective needle
  5. I'm too lazy to read this whole thread, and I'm probably going off on a tangent here, but are there any ppl on here (Esp americans) who believe in the saying: "guns don't kill people, people do?"
  6. It isn't a question of what's more nobel, and I would gladly accept such a gift, but not at the expense and suffering of an innocent. If I am guilty, and I can choose to accept God's punishment/verdict for MY OWN SINS, why shouldn't I? Let me give you the best analogy I can. Let's say I were to be convicted of a heinous crime that I had indeed committed, and was sentenced to death. Before the execution, I am informed that another man, who was innocent, had been killed in my place, and therefore I no longer had to die. I could either choose to accept his death in my place, thus being freed,
  7. ok here it is in a nutshell. I think that within Christianity you are given the choice to accept responsibility for your own sins and reject an innocent sacrifice on your behalf. You can make this choice by choosing not to be saved, even if you believe the Bible, because you think it is the right thing to do to accept eternal punishment, and not accept an innocent man's life for your sins/mistakes/wrongdoings.
  8. So does that mean believers just blindly accept the doctrine without questioning why it does or doesn't make sense? How does one become a believer in the first place then???
  9. especially here in montreal, where the town riots and police cars are burned after the #1 seed canadiens sneak by the #8 seed bruins in 7 games. god if only we all loved hockey like the quebecoise.
  10. ok didn't think about that, point taken. still, it's a little strong to imply that i disrespected people's time by linking the clip.
  11. are you serious? it's a 52 second clip...
  12. question for the born-again....sent it to some ministers, haven''t gotten an answer that satisfies...http://youtube.com/watch?v=JIU_mJn7mGg
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