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  1. Well, I was glad to hear from Daniel. I wasn't one of the people that assumed he dropped dead, after all I am sure he tries to have a personal life; as hard as that may be! I am glad he checked in though, it was nice to hear what has been going on.And might I say....Looking better than ever!
  2. Do you even have to ask? Daniel always looks good
  3. Daniel first off I want to say that I hope you continue to have a great time in Sydney. It sounds like you really know how to enjoy life. Your walk sounds beautiful and makes me want to put Sydney on my "places to go some day" list. In this day, with all the technology, and stuff to occupy our mind it is hard to stop and enjoy the little things that makes the world beautiful. I think you described a beautiful place.Ok, I am sorry you are lonley. You were talking about finding yourself, and how it is hard to do. Really, it is good to spend time a lone with yourself, but it is hard, isn't it? I
  4. HAHAHA!!! Phil on surviovr. I feel sorry for the rest of the tribe if one person voted him and he didn't end up going. I would watch Daniel on reality tv. LOL I hope you have tons of fun and little trouble down under.
  5. I wish I had $1800 to walk around with....Big dreams...........maybe one day!!!
  6. Well first of all I will say I love DN and a wink from him would make my day Secondly, he has mentioned plenty of times how he is not the most social person, to just chit-chat and make new friends. He is a busy guy so if he gave more thank a wink to everyone of his fans he'd never even get to play. he is more than accommodating to his fans from what I have seen. Sorry you are upset but I have to agree with Daniel GET OVER IT DUD!
  7. I do not know why people feel it necessary to insult others. I am a very intelligent woman and proud of who I am. I am also a poker fan...and I love it. It is alright though because I do not feel the need to go to that level. i hope you reconsider your thinking. Gold bless you and have a nice day
  8. Hahaha...It was a typo...my hands type to fast for my brain to catch up. LOL. I like Daniel's poker game and personality that does not mean i want to lick him. Jeesh! Cant a girl say she thinks a great person is great and good looking without being a freak?
  9. Well, I must say that I was a little suprised by this blog...but it was good to hear. I must say Daniel I can relate to the struggle of being annoyed by new people sometimes. Maybe being stand-offish at a party or whatever. Your new attitude makes me want to work on mine.I think you are a very positive influence. But i guess what I like about this blog is it shows that you are Humble. One thing i like about Daniel is that he is not afraid to say that he is not perfect. He doesnt act like "yeah I am a star that means I can do no wrong." You keep it real and honest. Just another reason I love D
  10. I think it is great that you have this new attitude. I wish you luck and hopefully the positive vibes will only improve your game (if that is even possible )
  11. I am not a stalker...just a fan! I just enjoy the game and DN is my favorite player. Especially when Hellmuth or Matasow is all angry and Daniel is very calm and that puts fuel into the fire lol. Classic....anyway not love starved....not a stalker just a fan....and not afraid to express it!
  12. Who me? LOL I am not big...I am tiny! LOL...no I would never cheat on my husband...except maybe a kiss Daniel xoxoxo
  13. LOL!!! I am sure Daniel enjoys this! I know I would. I love the game. I respect DN so much, just....ahhh.....I heart Daniel! (I am crazy!!!)
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