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  1. I should feel honored that danny D acknowledged me? are you guys freaking serious!? you guys definitely are putting dan in a pedestal. I wasn't expecting a long conversation or a autograph (why people ask for autographs is still unknown to me) just more of a quick chet chat. for the record i dont think dan is a bad guy. am sure his get's approach by numerous people every time he goes to the casino. am just saying that i expected more out of him.. i guess reading his blogs for the past couple of years i felt like i knew him to a extent.p.s excuse me that English is my second language
  2. I was playing some 60/120 at commence casino and saw so many so called top pro's.. Who i was not even interested of meeting one bit. But i did see Daniel N walking around with his buddies john junanda (sp) and some other will known pro. Now i wont call my self a fan of Daniel N. but i do respect his play and wanted to see how he was like in person.a hr pass and i wait till the Big blind get's to me and then i head off to the bathroom. while walking to the restroom i notice Daniel walking towards me. AM like great here's my chance to say hi.. as am walking towards him i make eye contact and
  3. i just moved from Spokane washington, and the best place to play tournaments and cash games (10/20holdem) is at northern quest casino. that was about 4months ago. so am not sure if they change anything, but its best that you give them a call and find out.
  4. there is no point for a recreational poker player to play online anymore.
  5. going to be in the L.A area for a few days, and planing on playing some poker. and just wanred to know high often is 7 card stud high low spread at the bicycle casino?
  6. At my local casino their are a few prop players. their usually playing 10/20-20/40 shorthanded. and since i play at those limits and dont mine playing shorthanded. i would love the opportunity to prop at a live casino. but sadly at the moment my local casino is not hiring any more prop players.
  7. I was a “prop” player for sometime online. And since the new gaming law pass its getting extremely difficult to play online nowadays. I read some articles and while back that ‘e-dog” and greg Raymer use to prop at live casino’s before they became famous. Just wanted to know if there are still casinos out their (Vegas or California) that are still hiring ‘prop” players. If so, what casinos. And if you know what games and limits as well ill would really appreciate it.tx
  8. let's be honest for once, how many of you guys pay taxes on your poker winnings?? as for myself i have yet to pay any taxes on my poker winnings. I make around 2500-3k a month. if i did would't taxes take 1/3 of my income? i know am not the only one.
  9. just wanted to know what your favorite poker blogs were?
  10. Hey guys, I been browsing around looking to buy mass loads of (at least 100 or so a month) DVD audio players, with a minimum of 6 inch wide screen. I have been looking at bizrate, ebay and other places as well. So far I found some pretty good deals, but before I pursue this entire inventory I want to make sure that I get the best deal. Currently I saw one place that would offer me 100 dvd audio players for 45 bucks for each. Just keep in mind I don’t care about the brand. It just has to work properly, be new, and have audio and 6 inch screen at min. If any of you guys could find a better de
  11. I want to start becoming a poker dealer, but I don’t have any training or experience dealing. So I called up every local casino in my area and ask them if their were any openings for poker dealing? They all said the same thing “currently there are not any position open” so then I ask if/when there is a opening will you hire and train someone to become a poker dealer? They all rebuttal similar things that they would prefer someone who has experience at least 1000 table hrs. (which is about 6 month). So my question is. How do I get involved into poker dealing (am very knowledgeable and know the
  12. I'm in the library writing a final paper and i just about crapped my pants reading this post, now the whole library is looking at me and wondering what is so funny about the Spanish Civil Waram at the library too and laughing my ass off! and people are looking at m all weird , probably woundering what is so funny being n the library?
  13. I just moved and haven’t had internet access but didn’t he say he had something big to announce yesterday or today?
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