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  1. These high only hands can be very tricky to play in PLO8 but I think they are very profitable late in tournaments where a lot of times players are only 3 betting with aa with lows. One thing you do need to understand about these situations is that they play well mostly in multi way pots and dont play as well in heads up pots especially if you think low has already got there because obviously you are just chasing half the pot. I do think its very important to play these hands aggressively after the flop especially with wrap type flops. A lot of players are going to be calling one bet with ba
  2. I wouldnt be folding these type hands to an open raise especially if you have position. These hands play well in multi way pots and late in tournaments im 3 betting a lot of the time with this hand. Until you get back comfortable with the game I would suggest for you to play tight and only play these hands in position. Also where limping is wrong in most games in omaha it is not always the case as a lot of the times especially early you can get in cheap and are able to flop some big hands. I would say not to play many hands in early positions and try to play your hands with position as it
  3. I think you played it pretty good except like bob said you have to bet call the river. The cap on the flop smells more like a made hand then the nut flush draw. But it always goes back to knowing your players even in a ring game like this one where theres not a lot of folding theres still information to be taken in.
  4. Your completely right spence after all I didnt see I played it well lol. Probably the worst hand I played all night and I usually don't make mistakes like that I son't know what happened there its not like id never been there before. Yeah the hand you went on was pretty rediculous I thought you were goin double up for sure. You played well all night as well and I'm certain I won't make that mistake again.
  5. If you're going to question somebodies post maybe you should get your facts right.
  6. Actually I came in 5th "jspencerfcp" was at my table most of the tourny and the final table. But thanks for commenting on the hand lol.
  7. I agree you just have to call there for the simple fact that your hand is so disguised he has to think aj is good.
  8. 5 handed on the Final Table. I thought I played this hand very very poorly considering we were talking of chopping when we got 5 handed and the only one that objected was "4dumb"(appropriate name) who had just gotten crippled the hand prior to this one. So i am sure we would have chopped had I let this guy go out. I admit I had a mental slip and cant even describe what I was thinking except trying to get in good position to get heads up. Anyways tell me what you would do differently...PokerStars Game #47011142568: Tournament #322011091, $5.00+$0.50 USD Omaha Hi/Lo Pot Limit - Level XXI (35
  9. I have been playing a lot of tournaments lately both online and live. Recently I played Event #15 at wsop circuit event in Tunica and with 24 getting payed i finished 26th and the problem is Im not having trouble getting to this spot and it seems like I cruise and have decent chips when getting close to the money. I have kept saying that I just get unlucky or Im losing all the significant pots late in tournaments but that cant be the reason why im not cashing when I believe I should be. My question is there a particular formula or strategy I need to implement to my game in those late stages
  10. Dear FTP Forum,I consider myself a very knowledgable poker player but sadly enough i see myself on the losing end a lot more times then i should. In my eyes i played this hand that Im going to be talking about perfectly but thats my opinion. See here goes: I was playing a live cash game 1/2 nothing big bought in for 80 2 hours later I had built up to about 300 in that time which only raised twice in that 2 hours which happened to be AA and QQ both which i was called all the way and had to show and once limped in early position with KK to win a decent pot so great table image for my style of
  11. yeah you have to bet the turn because the flop bet just looks like a continuation bet. There a numerous amount of hands that going to be folded if you make this bet on the turn and more times than not your just gonna pick up this pot on the turn.
  12. I've been there one of the worst parts of my game races. All you can do is get your money in good and hope for the best. Everybody runs bad at times the best thing to do is just take some time off and get your head straight and come back playing good poker because if you let it get to you like it looks like it is your going to play worse and worse.
  13. Limit is a complete different game in some cases i actually like limit better than no limit. When im really on my game (I've heard daniel say this as well) I can read situations and players good in limit which helps me read everything better in no limit. Because it is limit you also get a lot of weaker players that dont really know what they are doing (dead money "yum yum") and are trying to learn the game which are very easy to take adavantage of. It also allows you to play more hands which is good for better players who can play good after the flop. So as much as i love no limit when im
  14. One thing you have to realize here is that he is UTG which means he will be BB next hand so hes going to be pushing with any marginal hands in this spot. You do have to call with any pair or even kq or better the odds are too much in your favor to have this best hand in this spot.
  15. I think you played it very nicely. The $6 bet on the river is a great play. The only way i fold on the river is if I have a different read on that player you say you put him on JJ or QQ then your definitely not folding there. Good Play
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