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  1. Well Punxsutawney Phil saw his shado and General Beauregard Lee didn't see his.... funny article below though about General Beauregard Lee [the lesser known groundhog to Punxsutawney Phil] lol.... that just cracks me up.
  2. Doh! I hope your baby gets well soon! I'd concentrate on the family man.... poker can wait.
  3. I was just at Mirage the other day and they were spreading regular Omaha 5/10. I didn't see any announcements for O8 though, but I did see it on their list for possible tables.... so I'd call them and find out when they spread these games or if it's based on request.Someone mentioned that Excalibur spreads a low limit O8 game too, but I can't verify....
  4. That's Gwenn Stefani ;)I'm gonna go with Billy Corgan.... :bubblelol: while I like him he's obviously not much of a singer.... grrr.... Uhm.... I still don't have a good answer
  5. lol.... I like the candy one
  6. My point is proven with this statement. You think one thing, I think another. Just like most of the posts on this entire forum.
  7. Oh man that's a hard one.... Ugh.... Ozzy hehe, I dunno I can't make a decision to be honest.
  8. Smash, I've been waiting for weeks for you to personally attack me and I guess this is the thread you are going to choose and do so; so be it.You are successful in exploiting single words in other people's threads and nit picking them to death. That's fine and that's your style of arguement. Like most people you end up making points against, I am in agreement with you in certain aspects, but you are fixating on one specific item of my post.The point of my original statement is important because as I stated everyone has their own opinion. I could be Johnny Idiot coming in here and saying "ALL
  9. Yeh I don't think the arguement did anything for the sake of the information you were trying to gather.As for the live aspect of the game and that you had a read on him, I think if you had a read that he didn't have anything, then you did the right thing, but I just don't like risking your whole stack to make this move.I think the same can be achieved by not moving all-in, and probably works better 99% of the time.
  10. There is no correct way to play every single hand. For instance, some will say folding 27 pre-flop is correct, but if the flop comes 227 it's incorrect. See the logic?However, what I meant by my statement is that people on this board should not take each person's comments as the correct way to play each and every hand. Each person has his/her thoughts on how a hand should be played. Until someone can prove the correct way to play a certain hand based on some serious long term statistical analysis [and even that will have situations where it is not the best move] then nobody can say it's def
  11. I only try to steal with garbage when I am sure that the people in the blinds are timid players and not going to play back at me. Otherwise I will wait for the right opportunity and throw it in randomly.In other instances I will make a larger than normal raise with a hand that wouldn't merit such a raise from late position in hopes to win the pot right there. If they call or play back at me I can get away from the hand right there.That said I do make stabs with garbage hands, but I just choose my situations wisely.Stealing the blinds is an added way to increase your BB/hr so it's definitely
  12. You have to play your big hands fast. Unfortunately these hands don't play well in multi-way pots. Thus if it means just winning the blinds and limpers money on the flop, so be it. But if you slow play the hand or try to draw people in with smaller bets, then you set yourself up for giving people the odds to draw out on your, or at least see a somewhat cheap card.
  13. I'm certain everyone has been in a slump at sometime.I find that the best way to work through them is to review your play and figure out where your weaknesses may be and try to adjust accordingly. That alone won't get you out of a slump tho.Make sure you are not playing above your limts given the size of your bankroll. Make sure you are not bringing undo stress to the table/computer. If you are stressed or tired there is always another day to play.The one I find the most important is your attitude. If you come to the table worrying about just putting a win in the win colum, then you are de
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