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  1. I was watching deal or no deal and couldn't help but think that a poker player would do well in that game. I mean it's really similar to poker. It's like calculating pot odds. What a great game. Can't wait until the March episodes come out.
  2. Hi-Low Rookie,How should hands with 4 cards of the same suit be played? Under what conditions are they playable, for example AK24 all diamonds.Any Thoghts?
  3. I just played these tables for that past 20 days. They had, up until 5 days ago, 2-4 and 2-6 tables. They were amazing. Most LP tables ever. I'm pissed they got rid of 2-6 because i still hav like another 10 days to play them. Oh well.
  4. 1. You can on Sunday if you don't like money.2. Um.......3. Pats will contend, but won't win, the AFC.People have been saying the pats wont win the afc for 4 years now.And after you bet on Indy on sunday, remember I told you not to.
  5. 1. Take the Ravens.2. Bet on Dallas and San Diego often.3. Patriots will be that good again.
  6. Not if you take beats on multiple tables.Yes it is harder to go on tilt when you multitable, but when you do go on tilt, you are fucked.Youre right. I have never tilted while multitabling, so I guess it just works for me. Maybe not others. I also tend to evaluate my own play after a bad beat, rather than another players. I find myself asking what I did wrong rather than just saying, "That ******* called me down with a gutshot and won! I'm gonna get him back!" I guess that helps me from trying to play back at him with bad hands.
  7. Mutli Tabling Helps. Many people believe the biggest danger to mulit tabling is when you do go on tilt, you can now lose more money faster. I disagree. I think it prevents tilt because there is so much action going on that you tend to forget the past rather quickly. JMO
  8. Audioslave.........coming to an arena near you, fall of 2005!
  9. Or, Any pocket pair for that matter, doesnt have to be a Q, i think you played it fine
  10. how do you use print screen and how can i post a picture of my PT stats in the forum. Any help would be great. thanks
  11. How do i post my pokertracker screen in the forum. Do i ise printscreen to take the picture? How do i post it after that? Any help would be great. thanks guys
  12. I would say a lot has to do with the turn card. Care to share it?
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