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  1. I know most of you guys are being sarcastic, but I actually like playing JT when the time is right. It's one of my favorite hands to play. I don't know why. You know how people have their certain hands they love (I have a friend who always plays A9 because of rounders, and he wins more often than not with it, although I always trash that hand unless I'm on the button)JJ is the hand that worries me for some reason, I'm real comfortable with QQ, and even TT, but my records show that I've been burned by JJ an awful lot and I hate looking down to see it
  2. You never can tell what will happen in poker. I was faced with a similar situation earlier today. I moved all in from the button, preflop, with a pocket pair of dueces (I was short stacked and figured this might be my last chance at a hand) I was actually praying that I would not get called and I could just pick up the blinds, which accounted for about 1/5 my stack. Instead I was called by not one, but two players, AK and AQ. I hit my set on the flop and went from being near the bottom of the totem pole to being at the top.Of course it really pissed off a lot of players and made them second g
  3. Play money tables are really only worthwhile to learn the rules and flow of the game, in my opinion. You are exactly right to think that with nothing to lose, poker loses it's very essence... If you've been playing for almost a year, you're probably ready to move up to the $0.50/$1.00 or even the $1/$2 or $2/$4 tables. $10+$1 Single Table Sit and Go might suit you well too... I've only been playing for a couple months and I'm starting to turn a profit playing at these levels.If you're still too scared to lose your money, you might try www.pokerschoolonline.com I've been playing there too. For
  4. Actually, he called ALL his chips... That put him out of the game. Yeah, he wasn't too happy with me AT ALL, kind of made me start questioning myself. I went on to take 3rd in the tournament, thanks mostly to doubling up through him - Tim
  5. OK, I think I'm playing under tilt right now, and I was hoping you guys can tell me how stupid I was...Playing a $50 buy-in Single Table SnG...I'm in the small blind, and incredibly short stacked from a really stupid move earlier in the game... I'm holding 6Td and it's folded all the way to me... The blinds are only at $10-$20 and I bump it up to $60, trying to steal the blind (everyone started with $300 and I'm down to about $110 with three players out)The big blind calls me, much to my dismay and then the flop comes Th 8c 5s. I have the guy covered by just a few dollars, and with top pair I
  6. I have never been so unhappy as I was playing Pacific Poker... I had an account there for officially one day. I played about 300 raked hands that day. The software sucks, their deposit bonuses are insane... (you have to wager 30 times the amount you earn in deposit before you unlock it) and the worst part... When I withdrew my money from PartyPoker, I had it within two hours. I tried to withdrawal my money from PacificPoker over a week ago and haven't gotten so much as an email from them. When I finally broke down and emailed them, they said it takes 4-5 business days to withdrawal money, WTF?
  7. The odds of him hitting his Flush draw are 1.90:1 while he was getting pot odds of 2.03:1 so STATISTICALLY I wouldn't say he made a BAD play, although considering he didn't have the Ace, it may have been a little risky. He wasn't drawing to the nut flush, if you had the Ace of hearts you already had him beat on the board, and if you were holding any other heart he was drawing dead, or even if the turn and the river both came a heart.I don't think you can really trash talk the guy here. He's a gambler and you have to gamble sometimes to win tournaments. I don't think I would have called you he
  8. I'm no pro by any stretch of the imagination, but I think if you have rags you probably don't want to go all in... Once in a while the big blind will get lucky and be holding QQ, KK, AA, AK that's an expensive proposition.Although don't take my word for it, I'm not much of a blind stealer until the I'm shorthanded in a tournament.
  9. That's pretty much how I play at Party, but I add a shady trick to the book. I've done it all along, and it's for my benefit, and then I watched Phil Hellmuth's online poker secrets last night and he said the same thing... I play "Hit and Run" If I sit down at a $25 buy-in NL game and I get up to $40-$50 I'm done. I logoff, read a book, watch a movie or check these forums! Otherwise I tilt and get too agressive, and wind up giving it all back to the player who deserves it the least. Did that today as a matter of fact, trying to play a lot of hands at Pacific to cash in the bonus... sat down wi
  10. I'm sure this is a question everyone asks themselves when they are starting out... I started playing Hold'em for the first time in my life on December 9th, 2004. (My fiance got me a chip set for christmas and gave it to me before she moved to Japan) I was instantly hooked. I was taking money from all my friends so I started playing online... Mostly PartyPoker and TruePoker...I loaded up $50 into TruePoker and played in a couple tournaments. I didn't understand what a S&G was yet, so I was playing the 300 player $6+1 games... I lost, and lost some more and then I lost again. I remember just
  11. Today I couldn't seem to get any value out of my pocket Aces, maybe you guys could tell me what I did wrong... TWICE I got dealt bullets on PacificPoker (the SOFTEST, MOST LOOSE game on the net, right?) I won with them both times, but couldn't seem to squeeze any value out of them. Everyone at the freaking table is betting every hand to the river with nothing, Ace high wins, pair of 10s wins etc... etc... I get dealt Pocket Aces, I call the BB expecting someone to raise but it doesn't happen, the flop comes rags, I check in early position, still no action (I was hoping for a check raise) a Kin
  12. Thank you for all the responses... In regards to jayboogie... I rarely stay with low suited cards anyways unless I'm in late position and nobody has opened in front of me.Great information from all of you though, thanks!
  13. In all the books that I've read, the author says to call raises on 4 card flush or straight draw after the flop, if the pot odds are right... but today I've been trying something new. I've been betting into my draws... What do you guys think of that as a strategic move? I know that it means I'm only allowing the hands that could beat me to stay in the game... but today as a small sampling, it has been working well to my advantage in "No Fold'em" limit games as most people will call anything and it increases my implied odds. I've hit the draw more often than not while also appearing to have a s
  14. I don't suppose any of you fine players here are in New Mexico?I'll be playing in three tournaments at the Isleta Resort and Casino in Albuquerque, NM this weekend. They are all cheap buy-ins ($20 Friday, $5 Sat/Sun) but I am primarily a home game/online player. I played on New Years at the Isleta and had a blast...Anyways, if any of you are in the area, I'll be up there!
  15. yeah yeah yeah. I know. I do have a tendancy to go on tilt, and that's why I'm not playing in our local group for the time being.I tilt both ways, much too emotional in my life as well as at the poker table, hopefully poker can teach me a thing or two
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