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  1. agreed. ps- <3 phil laak, antonio, I bet you, and jeniffer tilly's beautiful breasts.
  2. With all this buzz surrounding the new idea regarding the WSOP main event final table being televised in November, it got me thinking about the first couple of times that i watched poker on TV. Moreover, I'm not so sure if this has been done before but I thought it would be cool idea to see what the first televised event that everyone watched was, what your initial opinion was, and how that changed your outlook on poker. There are three occasions that come to mind when i think about the first time i watched poker on TV. Granted that I'm only just about to turn 19, the first time i watched poke
  3. 1.) It's my style of play early on in tournaments when I've been running the table over since i first sat down.2.) What's wrong with how i worded it..I said (very early..but still).3.) Being confident is a big part of my game. I find that when I'm feeling confident in the way that I'm playing, i tend to play much better. Moreover, nowhere in my post did i claim that this hand was going to lead me to glory. I simply claimed that at that point in time in the tournament, it was one of the bigger pots that would have catapulted me to the top 5 in chips early on in the tournament.4.) Maybe i can he
  4. ok firstly..i said it was very early in the tournament (about 2.3k players left). Secondly, i never said that if i won the hand i was going to win the tournament. Thirdly, whats wrong with being confident?. Lastly..are you sexually frustrated?
  5. ...wow..this was for 1st/2nd place in the tourney (very early...but still)PokerStars Game #18681467070: Tournament #94712608, $10+$1 Hold'em No Limit - Level III (25/50) - 2008/07/08 - 19:44:12 (ET)Table '94712608 259' 9-max Seat #3 is the buttonSeat 1: Valknut (1715 in chips) Seat 2: lcpimentel (1860 in chips) Seat 3: botanik_spb (2595 in chips) Seat 4: dguest87 (9570 in chips) Seat 5: ellizizcute (10885 in chips) Seat 6: King-2-Z (2670 in chips) Seat 7: defy89 (9045 in chips) Seat 8: markwin11 (7395 in chips) Seat 9: Lidius (500 in chips) dguest87: posts small blind 25ellizizcute: posts big
  6. how about the poor canadian souls that do not have the luxury of espn without the use of a special device?
  7. nvm.. im out after missing an open ended straight flush draw with two overs..gg
  8. anyone still in daily 15k? im sitting at about 4k after calling off about 7k worth of preflop all-ins with 87s 97o and T8o.
  9. lol @ 5k registrants to the daily 15k
  10. i just threw up in my mouth a little. Someone should put that man on suicide watch imo.
  11. on that note..i would loveeeee to be sitting next to kimberly lansing right about now
  12. i did read that actually..was just wondering if anyone had like some tricks or something to make it stop..
  13. so there is nothing u can do about the audio/the skipping right?
  14. im dyyyyyyyying to see hellmuth bitch at rast!
  15. did anyone elses freeze up?
  16. forget top 30..there might as well have beena bracelet bet..LAWL
  17. yayyyyyyy CONGRATS DAN!!! Now all we need is a ME win..lolz!
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