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  1. Yea, I think it helps to first know the understanding behind the equation, and then the equation would help for future (and more complicated problems) Putting both of the replies together (the logic one and the "equation") was perfect. Glad both of you guys answered haha. I'm usually pretty good with math but I couldn't figure this one out. Just didn't think enough. I started out with the 5/9 * 4/8 * 4/7 (which I knew was wrong because that meant that it would have to be picked in that exact order) but didn't go any further lol.
  2. Hi, so just to clarify, when you write (9!/(9-3)!*3!), you actually mean 9!/((9-3)!*3!) right? So 9!/(6!3!)And, 9/(9-3)! is because you are taking away 3 cds 1 at a time just like 5!/(5-2)! is because you are taking away 2 classical? I'm just trying to figure out a "formula" so we can do this for different problems. Thanks for your help though!
  3. In a drawer, there are 5 classical CD's and 4 Rock-n-Roll CD's. Armon randomly picks up 3 CD's. What is the probability that he selected 2 classical and 1 Rock-n-Roll CD?The answer is supposedly: I'm trying to figure this out, can anyone explain? I tried doing the 5/9*4/8*4/7, but that's not right because it doesn't have to go a specific order, it just has to be 2 classical and 1 RnR.
  4. Thank you kind sir, I shall now commence with some research.
  5. Screw the krablar, who's that in your avatar?
  6. Where are you getting rakeback from?
  7. anyone have a link to a free online webcast like last year?
  8. Thanks for the help guys! I'm writing a paper about poker and I just needed the correct year.
  9. Does anyone remember, or have a link to a site that shows when poker was legalized in California? I think it was in the 80s, but I'm not sure. I remember reading about it on a few sites before, but I can't find any via google now. I need this info for a paper I'm writing.
  10. I don't get why they always do these things by %loss in weight. It should be %decrease in BODY FAT. You can work out, eat better, and stay around the same weight, yet get toned down. Muscle weighs more than fat. Yea, you slim down on the atkins diet, but it's bad for your health in the long run. You NEED carbs, just as you need fats and everything else, you just need everything in moderation.
  11. Hachem definitely should NOT be in the category of "best at taking beats." Ever since his ME win, every tourney he's on, he's bitching about how "unlucky" he is. I like the guy, but it's unreal how much he bitches about how unlucky he is. You were lucky enough to win the 2nd biggest score ever, take it and like it. I'm sure he got lucky plenty of times along the way. He also played well though. You can add Tony G to the "good at taking beats" list, but not the "classy" list though. Kinda like a quote I read somewhere else, "A person isn't a nice person if he is nice to you while eating bu
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