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  1. royal tour...maybe it is because you are an ass in all of your threads?? Maybe you dont deserve any good KarmaAs far as I am concerned, he made the right play but if he takes his set to the turn or the river to make sure the board doesnt pair, hmm...just like the jack did...then he could of gotten away from it
  2. i respect pokerstars 200% less for signing him...hes a disgrace
  3. yeah, hard to get away from this...if he had you beat he would of probably raised you on the turn
  4. you cant not bet here in omaha...apply the pressure
  5. Gee guys, i didnt know you were all robotically programed to make the same play in the same situation all the time. Wow, I wonder what daniel is talking about when he says some pople just have no clue and probably wont ever understand what you have to do in order to win. I am saying if I was there, I would have a read and I would trust my instincts. I would definitely say he has the best hand.
  6. First off, there are 2 diamonds on the board and 2 unknown cards? If you feel as if he is a table bully, he was probably pot committed to just go all in with a flush draw or did another diamond come and you didnt see it or are you sure there were only 2 diamonds?Since its first hand, he probably wants to double his stack ASAP so he can begin to bully, so he probably is pretty weak with a draw. Again, he could have J-10 or something and have you beat the fact that you have 10 with a weak kicker puts you between a rock and a hard place.Plus not knowing if he is a bully or not does not help. You
  7. the only 25% i see in folding here is by me not being at the table...Im sure if I was playing the hand what I picked up during the hand as a good poker player should do would make this 100% call. Again, just viewing the hand without seeing the player, or without knowing how fast he bet or what he did when he bet is what makes this unappealingIt is simply not a 50-50 because of the odds of him having the few hands that can beat you
  8. well if he checks the flop, and then he goes all in it might be a little different
  9. this isnt a 50-50 people....throughout the hand you gain information...He woke up when the flush hit, but it also put a straight draw on the board. So the chances that he has a straight and is sure by the way he bet that he didnt have a flush draw he would make this play. He should have picked something up on the way he bet wether or not he was weak or strong. I cant see the odds that he has you beat would make this a 50-50 its like a 75-25 for me but still sometimes a fold
  10. What kind of leagues are there on FCP? Do they play online together, do they compete in standings based on performances? Do they require real money accounts on certain sites?
  11. there arent so many levels....he has to have 2 of the remaining 8 spades, and one of those spades has to be a Q, K, or an A to beat you....the fact that he is a donkey suggests that he is making a play or is highly oveprlaying his straight, set, or two pair i HAVE to call here especially at a casino game
  12. you have to trust your instincts....if you truely feel as if you have the best hand you have to call but normally somoene will bet hard with an overpair to the board if there are 3 of the same suit on the flop so i would fold with the feeling that i had the best hand but will wait for a better time....I would have just checked the flop and see what he would do.
  13. all i am saying, does he really have 2 of the remaining 8 spades in his hand, and does he really have a Q, K, or A to go along with it? I see his thinking: "he bet the 9 on the turn, and made a continuation bet when the flush draw hit. Would he really bet the pot if he hit his flush? Im going to play the flush"
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