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  1. !!DOES NOT EQUATE!! The media follows arena football?
  2. I can't express how aggravating it is when so many people fail to understand the simplest point. I guess you've been reading 2+2, so you understand that I'm not offended in the least by the video. It's the obliviousness to the taboo that is blackface that makes me cringe. Can you not differentiate between the two?
  3. Yeah, but my whole point is that you can't change who you are, no matter how much bullshit you swallow.
  4. Daniel,You can't hide who you are. Kneejerk, vindictive, sometimes malicious. From reading your posts for years (back to RGP), I think this is a fair assessment, at least of your online persona. Some things don't change. You said in a recent blog that you had fallen out of your relationship with God, and this is why you've become this way. Sorry, but no amount of worship or "self healing" can change who you are deep down. And this is who you are. Just embrace it. The poker fad is dying down, anyway. I suspect there's more room for bad guys now.
  5. Lisa Lampinelli is such a hack. Yuck.
  6. So how was that time you were on Howard Stern? Oh, right...And by the way, if you think a comment like that would get to them, you're really delusional.
  7. You guys are the biggest ****ing babies on earth. First of all, don't comment on a show that you haven't ever heard. I defy any of you that are trashing O+A to name one bit that you heard and didn't like. I'm not saying they haven't done some shitty bits, but I guarantee you can't name one (because you've probably never even listened to them. Second of all, stop crying racism over any racially-motivated joke. I've been listening to them for 6 years or so, and I don't remember them ever doing a n-gger contest, or whatever one of you is suggesting.
  8. This is the lamest thing I've ever seen in print. When were you born, in the 1800s? Do you act in spaghetti westerns? Blech.
  9. So I'm assuming you have some factual basis for making this statment, right? The amount of baseless, spulative vomit that sputters from the mouth of seasoned forum "veterans" is astounding.
  10. I'm a staunch opponent of having to use the (sw), but this is a joke, correct?
  11. Much larger roll, definitely. Not very many donkeys going into that game with less than 5 million in their roll. I don't even want to think about how bad the variance can get there.I personally think that this lame forum should change their little sw to "speculation warning." How are you qualified to say anything definitely? You have no reason to say they definitely have anything. If I were to guess I'd say that they have much, much less. I would speculate that the majority of these players have backers who front money and split wins. I think it's extremely naive to believe that many of thes
  12. FYP.Plus, the rake. Holy crap, we need to set up a poker site. Like printing money.yea you kinda missed the boat on that one. Not really- just start one up.Yeah, just follow the successful path of Poker Mountain.
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