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  1. I just want to say the way DN argued with the obnoxious railbird tonight was retartedly immature. If people want to be that stupid, you don't need to lower yourself to their standards. As a professional and representative of the site, you could have handled yourself with a little more class!Letting it go on that long was embarassing for you and your 'real' fans
  2. This just means that you shouldn't start posting useless things now that you know about the freeroll! B/c only ur posts before Nov 20 or something like that count!It has nothing to do with useless posts not counting!Read carefully before u flame
  3. 3 people in the pot, I raise 4x BB w/ KK. Donk calls with Q9 soooted.Flop 9-6-3 rainbow. He checks, I bet 200 into a pot of 300, he calls. Turn 4. He checks again, I bet 500. He calls.River dreaded 9. He bets 200 (??) and i call for about half my remaining chips. (knew he had the 9 but had to see it for such a small bet)Anyway the donk says "ha! knew u had an overpair! Next time bet more preflop!"Me - "Oh really, so then how do you justify calling 500 on the turn if you think I have an overpair?"Donk- "I had the right odds. 6 outs!"Somehow I fight back with a little luck and end up beating the
  4. gimme the tin foil hat please. Online poker is rigged. p.s. I railed tritz in HU tourney the other day and it seems his hole card finder wasn't working too well. Sorry dude
  5. I particulary love the call after 2 all ins ... in his defense they were SOOTED. I went on to lose two hands later to another rivered 2 pair - best tourney ever lol.PokerStars Game #2941487252: Tournament #14515354, Hold'em No Limit - Level II (15/30) - 2005/10/31 - 20:01:11 (ET)Table '14515354 1' Seat #3 is the buttonSeat 1: do do sue (490 in chips) Seat 2: Eaturlunch (1640 in chips) Seat 3: HERO (2290 in chips) Seat 4: Molly May (1250 in chips) Seat 5: electron404 (1240 in chips) Seat 6: heleneg (1500 in chips) Seat 7: gary634 (2400 in chips) Seat 8: TOE TAG 'EM (1480 in chips) Seat 9: Flat
  6. Ok how many of us have inadvertently tapped the "fold" when we are holding the nuts or the "call" when we meant to fold and now donated half our stack!Yesterday I called down a huge bet with Q high by accident to find out I had the best hand so guess my stupidity pays off!Anyone have crazy stories of winning or losing money this way?
  7. I'm a huge fan of DN but this is classic... (from the neverwin forum)"Neverwin:I can play anytimeDN:I can play anytimeNeverwin:We need to get this over withDN: I'm always here, let's get it over withNeverwin: 2-4 for 250kDN:Your choice, whateverNeverwin:Ok, lets set it up before Nov 12DN: Let's do it tomorrowNeverwin: OkDN:HuhNeverwin: I'm thereDN: I have to finish my Cardplayer article and do a commercial tomorrowNeverwin: How about Tuesday?DN: Have to promote Stacked all dayNeverwin:Well, let me know what's upDN: Like I said, I'm always hereNeverwin: Uh...ok, call me I guessDN: ok"
  8. Check it out... PokerStars Game #1444484902: Tournament #6004332, Hold'em No Limit -Level IV (50/100) - 2005/03/30 - 21:55:55 (ET)Table '6004332 5' Seat #7 is the buttonSeat 1: sethypooh21 (4383 in chips)Seat 2: jerge88 (1730 in chips)Seat 3: Minus790 (3645 in chips)Seat 4: Tom Bayes (1885 in chips)Seat 6: easy_wind (4405 in chips)Seat 7: ricoM (1145 in chips)Seat 8: pumpkin1974 (1680 in chips)Seat 9: Drizztdj (2150 in chips)pumpkin1974: posts small blind50Drizztdj: posts big blind 100*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to jerge88 [Ah Ac]sethypooh21: foldsjerge88: calls 100Minus790: foldsTom Bayes: foldse
  9. I'll never get back the 10 seconds I spent reading this post.
  10. Anyone playing in this monster??im dandevilfish
  11. First of all, depends what kind of MTT you're talking about.Freezeouts you can usually use the same strategy if that works for you, but rebuys are completely different.Of course depending on the site, MTT fields can be huge and you need the discipline to play solid for 3-4 hours.If the STT's are profitable I stay stick with those and try out an MTT when you have time.. They give great payouts if u do well but your odds are much lower Good luck!
  12. hmm didnt know that....really it shouldnt be aloud b/c just like he said this is a high stakes player ruining the game for a few people having fun at 25/50 cent.Sure its fun to double through a guy like that but what about the time you get bad beated for an amount thats pennies to him but may be a big chunk of your bankroll!
  13. Impossible that he kept reloading and had 1500$... The max buy in is 50$ if youre over that amount you cant rebuy.So its possible he rebought a lot but somehow he doubled his money all the way to 1500 which at a 50 NL table is a pretty f*n good tilt session!
  14. When I make a donk call and suck out on the river, then they start talking censored in the chat I usually say:"Sometimes when my daddy's busy he lets me play on the computer"
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