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  1. Patience will pay you in mtts in the long run, you have donks that play in 10k buy in events, just as you have them in small mtts. Make sure you are playing solid aggressive, playing position correctly, suckouts will happen, most donks will be superloose, so generally, you want to be solid. Not like a rock that waits for AA and KK, I've tightened up quite a bit and have some much better results. Patience is a boring thing but it pays off in the long run. Impatience has costed me alot of money. Just be patient, they will give you chips and double you up and set you up to win.
  2. I never really slowplay my hands. If I'm in the blinds, I bet, I really don't like playing those hands out of position. If someone has the ace he might chase and it's hard to move in because sometimes ppl have a higher flush than you. So I would just go ahead and bet.
  3. I would probably do it if i bluffed a guy out of a huge pot.
  4. You have to play aggressive, but the last thing you want to do is gamble with bad players. It is a recipe for disaster. Never make a play at a bad player, against bad players, patience pays divendends. They will donk off their chips to you. If the pot is a heads up pot, yeah you can take a stab, but if there are 5 to 6 ppl calling a pf raise every time, there is no need to make a bluff at the pot. It is stupid, solid play will get their chips plain and simple, push good hands against them and they will pay you off. Punish them for a mistake and don't bluff them, most of them are calling statio
  5. I tend to play more snug against these players and wait for them to make a mistake that will cost them a lot of chips. Straightforward poker is the way to play against weaker players. Forget about making moves on them the only way to beat them is to simply showdown the best hand.
  6. I tend to like both. But it's easier for me to get up sign on and play immediately. I don't have to wait a few hours for a tournament to start. There are several tournament 24/7, bigger cash games, I live in FL. Live game cash games suck down here. The highest is 2/5 NL with 100 max buy in.
  7. "Online poker isn't real poker, it's a video game" - Scott Fischman
  8. Online players just are horrible players. Just play tighter online and you'll do just fine. Don't semi-bluff, or bluff at all for that matter. Against weak players straightforward poker is the way to play. Alot of players suffer from FPS they don't work like that online. You can't outplay opponents every single hand. They'll call you down with bottom pair. For those that haven't read Fischman's book, I suggest you read it.
  9. This strategy really only works in big buy-in events with slow structures that allow you to play a lot of hands. WPT and WSOPME if those pros played in some smaller tourneys like my local casino, that style is to be thrown into the trash. Blinds go up too quickly to play that style plus you don't start off with a lot of chips. In a beginner's tourney, simply use the beginner's style, long ball poker and play fewer hands simply because the implied odds aren't that great.
  10. The reason I like this style is because when opponents finally get fed up of you playing so aggressively, they'll play back at the wrong time. The other thing is that you don't lose much when you lose a hand. People are going to chase their draws quite often, when they hit, you lose such a small pot. I don't believe in pushing when I know my opponent is, say on a flush draw, because if he hits it, I'm out of the tournament or severly crippled. Tournaments are not cash games where you can take those chances.
  11. You want to mostly play solid, but since most of the players are dead money players who don't know what they are doing, it is more correct to see more flops with them and play a bit more loose. I like to see flops with extremely weak players.In a weak loose game, tight is wrong IMO
  12. I am building bank thru mtt tourneys and sit-n-goes. Once a hit a big tournaments cash or win. Then That would be my bankroll for the higher limit/no limit cash games. If you want to make money in cash games with a small bankroll, play limit cash games instead of No-Limit.Playing limit, I built up a 60 dollar bankroll to about 300 in one day. I was playing superaggressive in a weak loose 1-2 limit game and I was surprised, especially when they started getting aggressive and capping every street with weaker holdings. I can literally raise and reraise almost every hand and still cash out ahead t
  13. if he didn't call what would you have won a measly 50 chips. Postflop play is really where you build your stack.
  14. just value bet when you have the nuts and DO NOT BLUFF, DOn't even try to!!!!! They're not losing anything, they will call you down with anything for their 3 or 4 dollars or so. Flop your sets, straights, and flushes, you'd get paid off.DO NOT BLUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. I like to smooth call with aces or kings if someone raised. Primary reason for that is because it's hard to put me on that hand, thinking that I would've raised before the flop. I look to trap with them. If I raise pf, i win 30 or 40 in chips, (tournament) it really doesn't help my stack that much, after the flop is how i get the money from people chasing their draws to the river. Sometimes it doesn't work out just as it not working out when you shove pf, you'll get an all in call from Jacks or Queens and they hit a queen on the flop. By not reraising, you can get away from the hand in someone
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