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  1. I guess I got some investigating to do. I had heard of Stu Unger b4 but never realized he was that good.Personally, I have always held high regard for Doyle Brunson and John Moss. If anyone has any real good links with info on Unger id really like to get them and read up on this man you guys call your idol.
  2. Wow, thats way more feedback than I imagined. Very interesting stuff guys and as always thanks for the imput. But the quote above speaks volumes to me and in my opinion makes the most sense. Otherwise we would have to consider Daniel one lucky s.o.b for winning all them tournaments on his way to winning the Player Of The Year title now wouldn't we .
  3. Over the holidays, during one of my many poker excursions, a debate broke out between a few members of our group of about 30 or so as to the ratio of skill vs luck in the game of poker.I steered clear of this topic as I listened to the others argue their many different philosophies, And honestly I don't think anyone came to any definate conclusions.So I figured I would appeal to the masses who visit this forum, (it is the best one I know of with the brightest poker minds), to help me solve this little equation, for those who are in the need to know!And Id also like to take the time to wish eve
  4. Just curious as to how many of you play online Texas Hold'em, limit or No Limit?I play both and find there are a ton more of bad beats and lucky draws as compared to live games. Is this just my imagination or a legitamate excuse for losing as much as I do online as compared to live games?I play pretty agressive with lots of raises and re rasies (top ten hands only)before and after the flop but still tend to get drawn on with weaker hands all the way to the river.And unbelievable alot do connect and this can be a real chip bleeder!!I play the majority play hands as well but not as agressively.a
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