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  1. If my family members were imprisoned by a truly good government (like China's) I hope that I would have the moral courage (regardless of their guilt or innocence) to support that move. But even if I didn't, I would still know that their imprisonment was right.
  2. I don't mind the Patriot Act at all.How many times now is it that your little predictions about what I think have been wrong? Do you think that your inability to predict my views undermines your whole argument that I'm an ideologue unwilling to listen to reason? It does. Seriously, pull your head out of your ass and either make an argument based on facts and plain reason or give up. Your attempts at ad hominem have been a pathetic failure.But at this point I honestly doubt your ability to do anything else. The only time you've responded to my arguments with anything of substance was when y
  3. yeah, after the flop play (standard on your part) the $ is going in no matter what.
  4. 3-bet preflop, don't isolate after the RR/call, calling the all in is super close but I fold since V1 is calling some of the time and some of your A outs could be counterfeited.
  5. call here or shove, don't think it matters much. I lean towards shove, because call looks too strong.We can't be afraid of a set here, if we are so scared of a set that we're willing to fold on this flop we should have folded AK preflop (and if you're willing to do that then stop playing poker.) His range is full of tons of weaker aces that bad players will limp/call with.
  6. Honestly the best answer a person could give.But still, come on. The twin cities have plenty of racial diversity.
  7. Kwame Nkrumah vs. Mobutu Sese Seko. Learn a few things about those two men and then try and tell me that again.Maybe you'll realize that it doesn't matter if people are being secretly imprisoned as long as the people being imprisoned are saboteurs, foreign agents, and mercenaries.
  8. Try responding to an argument rather than making baseless attacks.And if you want a history book, maybe start with one about Zia ul HaqCIA plots aren't so preposterous, the CIA was engaged in one in Afghanistan that caused the Soviet Invasion. "The U.S. saw the situation as a prime opportunity to weaken the Soviet Union. As part of a Cold War strategy, in 1979 the United States government (under President Jimmy Carter and National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski) began to covertly fund and train anti-government Mujahideen forces through the Pakistani secret service known as Inter Service
  9. I'd like to point out that the site you took that bloc of text from isn't at all scholarly or reputable. It's written by an unknown/unpublished author who cites exclusively from another unknown and unpublished author. It's the same standard of integrity that's used by all conspiracy sites, running the gamut from Sikh independence to Holocaust denial.Let's use Wikipedia, a source that while far from perfect, is much better than yours."The year 1958 saw the introduction of two pieces of legislation that would restrict the freedoms of the people of Ghana. In the wake of the Gold Miners' Strike
  10. Isn't it arbitrary to claim that Fanon is failed or irrelevant. I frankly doubt you'd even heard of him, much less read his work.Your views, whether you know it or not, also rest on the arguments of philosophers. Probably many of whom are older and less modern than Fanon. It's significant that I didn't bring up your philosophers as a justification to give up argument, you brought up mine. That's a sign of weakness IMO.We were having a fact based argument, when you ended it the most relevant question was the Soviet motivation for the invasion of Afghanistan. You had given an absurd reason
  11. Not at all, more the J.J. Rousseau of the entire third world.Why are you so dismissive? I doubt you even knew who he was before I mentioned him. Read his work, engage with his arguments about colonialism, and answer them. I doubt you have, and I doubt you could. If you're incapable of doing so, can you really say that your own argument is so strong as to be able to dismiss him out of hand?
  12. Like I've said before, you can't eat freedom or dress in civil liberties. Time and time again people have shown that they'd rather give up some of their liberties, most of which they rarely/never use anyways than starve in hovels.As for the whole "supporting the dictator thing"Let's take China as an example. You can do perfectly well in China without supporting the government, people there are perfectly free to talk amongst friends about their grievances or desire for more democracy. But when it crosses over into action then it becomes dangerous and the government has to step in to prevent
  13. Myself again.What evidence do you have that I'm either a communist or an anarcho-capitalist. I can proudly tell you I'm neither. Now you're just name-calling because you're incapable of actually responding to my arguments.If we're going to do some name calling, I'd say that you're a deluded western who has swallowed the lies of the American state department.HINT: If you want to know what I believe, I'd advise you to look up the gentleman pictured in my signature. He's probably the thinker closest to myself.
  14. Myself in the Tibet thread, because it deserves explanations.As for you all, if your positions were really strong couldn't you meet my arguments on the strength of your conviction's merits rather than resorting to absurd accusations? You're only demonstrating the strength on my points.I stand by everything I've said. If you really want to understand this world, I suggest you start by reading something by the man in my signature.
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