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  1. i got a pack of regular socks, a pack of dress socks, a pack of handwarmers, and 2 packs of undershirts. YAY!
  2. The 2 Ivey stories (can be about anything) that Immediately pop into your head.
  3. its lose. not loose. please get it right. its really not that difficult.
  4. we totally shoulda pushed the beds together at some point.
  5. wandigo is just blessed. plain and simple.
  6. lol wow...i mean.. yes chad batista should have obviously been paying attention but that has nothing to do with how Scotty acted. Not that I was surprised at all but its just amazing how classless all of the live poker regulars are in this day and age. Just absolutely astounds me how awful so so so so so many players act at the table.
  7. this seems pretty lame brah.dont see why u gotta troll.
  8. lol at him being a group of people.The poker world is pretty sure its Andy "blom90" Blom. A sweedish 18 yo kid who crushed eurolinx/prima sites for awhile and just now started playing on ftp. He played 25/50-50/100 for awhile and crushed it and is now crushing the super nosebleeds. (And by crush I mean is on a significant heater.)
  9. lol at you for being a douchebag who for some reason thinks he's cool for posting my picture as his avatar and not respecting my several requests for you to change it.
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