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  1. Hell no!!! I am way average! I just see a lot more one move players out there and heard a lot of guy complaining about what they thought it would do to poker. I guess curiosity killed the donk.
  2. Well, I'm not anywhere near your level of play, so I can understand the better players are lovin' the guppy fest. The Q was Moons AQ vs AK of Phil. The 3 was Cada's 33 vs. JJ. Sorry for the confusion. I trully appreciate your serious answer. As for the other post.....Wow! Totally understandable though with the newbies invading your space. I'll lay off the new topic post. This feels just like my old pt days in boot camp and my freshmen years.I guess until I have 10000 posts I’ll have to keep saying,THANK YOU SIR! MAY I HAVE ANOTHER?
  3. Sorry, didn't realize there was limited space here. Just curious as to the results since the WSOP.
  4. You know, that's where I'm torn. It is a great thing that we keep things going, but at the same time it brings more luck factor than skill into the game. If you're a online MTT player it might be a great thing since your playing so many at one time and more 60/40s will pop there heads up. If you're a live MTT player, you might want to buy yourself a laptop and subscribe to deuces, pokervt, or some other great training site or you'll spend all your time bitching because some idiot keeps busting you with a suited piece of crap.
  5. I know this has been discussed to death, but I am amazed at how poker minds jellied since a 3 and a Q hit the flop. What would it have been like if those two donks had hit the rail? At least the lesser of the two evils won. Man, did we need a Jack and a King to turn on those two hands.The Spring WSOP satellites were getting 70-100 players in each and averaged 3 seats each time. The Fall satellites that just finished had 160+ players in each with 40 alternates each time. They gave away 6 seats every time. They even had to add more tables to the room. The Spring tournaments had familiar f
  6. That's why I really need your ideas of who you think are overrated.I am extremely interested to find out if you guys are getting the same type of players showing up since the main event this year.We've in been in debate from LA to AC about how it seems people are really hanging in there with weak hands and hoping to suck out more and more. The skill level had been rising since Moneymakers win, and now with the Moon-Cada idiocracy, it seems they are falling from B average players to D average players.Wouldn't it have been interesting to see how things would have turned out if the set had not c
  7. Must be true. Gay guys love goatees.http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qi...03150231AA30DO5http://www.realjock.com/gayforums/344141/The guy Daniel wants to play him in a movie???? hmmmm....The LeftThe RightCase closed.Try it for your self.
  8. I think it's questionable, but Isildur1's excuse of "impossible for me to adjust" is weak.After losing the first mil, don't you think you would say you needed to adjust?
  9. I have seen more pocket 2's and 3's hang in there since Luckbox TID.Phil might be a good MTT player, but is way over his head in the cash games and will not admit it.Annie. Do I need a reason?Howard is up and down more than his belt line.Isildur1's excuse for not being able to win was pretty weak. Tom I just don't know about. He's great at cash and online, but his three WSOP cashes leaves me wondering.Who did I leave off? Please don't say Jamie Gold. He's not even in the league to be considered a poker player.
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