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  1. Hahahahahahahhaaha. this is a great thread. I guess i dont come around here enough to know who lurbz is but he sounds like a tool.
  2. sighhhhh Mike Beasley is known for wearing this hat that says "Aces Suck" and he thinks he's the best obviously. He's absolutely atrocious. He won a 1k at Borgata that I made a deep run in and is just soososososoos bad ugghghghhnksdjgnksdagsd.
  3. yeh had weird spot where an online reg I play with a ton opens to 1900 at 400/800 in HJ. I flat Btn with AQhh and 36k. he covers.Flop A Q T rainbow. He bets 2800 I flat. Turn 9. He bets 4500 I flat. River 7. (rainbow board) he bets 9500 I tank forever and sigh call and lose to TT.19.6k going into tomorrow. gl me.
  4. Well he could play it a couple different ways. The easier way would be to just not say a word and let teh hand continue. Or if he really thinks the raise will not be overturned he can plead for a string raise and the floor and then super confuse negreanu when he flats or comes back over the top. no this is wrong its a string raise.
  5. i've never had string bet called against me because I do it correctly. I understand the rules of the game and really never even come close. I've called a string raise probably 2-3x in the last 1.5 years over the course of probably 50-70 live tournaments i've played in that time. The one thing I have called several times is when people put too many chips in the pot that amts to >1.5x the bet I had made (when it was their intent to call but got the floor to rule it a raise).People should know the rules and if they dont I am going to fully take advantage of the rules if they are in my benefit.
  6. yeh I made this point in my earlier post.
  7. lol sick 5 bi sesh 1 tabling jesus.
  8. Im a rules nit Live. There's no reason not to be able to correctly put out a raise especially for someone like Daniel who has played live poker his whole life. I understand what his intention was but that doesnt excuse the fact that this was 100% a string raise and shouldnt be allowed to stand as a raise. Its ludicrous.
  9. I would have 100% called the floor cuz that is absolutely a string raise. Daniel said "Im gonna pound you back a little more." I GUARANTEE YOU that if he doesnt have an intent to raise in this hand noone would be like OH he verbally said raise. LOLI mean yes it was obviously his intent to raise but you cant just blatantly string raise that badly. I wish Deeb would have pleaded his case a little more to the floor because there's 0 chance I would have let that raise stay intact.100% string raise..... and I would have been wayyy more bitchy than Shaun Deeb was there lol. He was pretty passive abo
  10. lol... its not like you're lighting money on fire with that call or anything.o wait.
  11. Marky Salinaro is still in. He failed with a triple barrell bluff towards the end of the night so he's short coming into day 3. CLose to the $ with 53k or so at 2k/4k blinds.
  12. sigh wish i didnt go busto so i could play tomorrow. Sunday mil looks insaneee. gl to all
  13. lol u realize you're talking about gibler here right? He actually doesnt lose flips.
  14. super disagree with armen and NNB here. 4betting to 13.6ish is definitely better than jamming and infinitely better than calling. People are not gonna fold to 4b's in a 1$ tournament and will jam super wide too obviously. People are gonna fold ATo to a jam but definitely will flat a 4b here.
  15. why would u ever wanna know anything about layne flack??? lol....
  16. i am coaching rose so everyone just chill out and stop hatin.
  17. tehtoes, I see your brawl and Raise you... Full Tilt Poker Game #17131705313: The Sunday Brawl (120300223), Table 225 - 80/160 - No Limit Hold'em - 15:48:24 ET - 2009/12/27Seat 1: amatos (5,893)Seat 2: rama96ab (2,790)Seat 3: MikeShipp (6,815)Seat 4: fasteddy23 (4,875)Seat 5: mgauch81 (3,402)Seat 6: bluff4me (7,283)Seat 7: MediciBrown (5,806)Seat 8: Artem Grig (4,420)Seat 9: vtlaxer09 (5,365)amatos posts the small blind of 80rama96ab posts the big blind of 160The button is in seat #9*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to vtlaxer09 [Ad Ks]MikeShipp foldsfasteddy23 foldsmgauch81 foldsbluff4me foldsMediciBro
  18. http://www.pocketfives.com/poker-articles/...agement-2425952read that, learn how to not tilt, and read strat forums on some poker forums and you might do alright. gl
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