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  1. Your first paragraph nailed it for me. Thats exactly how I feel. However, I would like to get that desire that your referring to. So thats what I'll do, I'll keep reading, get active in this forum, and take it slow and really learn the game.Thank you.
  2. I've read the article and it has given me alot more information on what I'm trying to do.Another question I have would be, how much per day or week should I play? Should I keep track of the number of hands, or hours that I play? Or what do you guys do in that aspect?Thanks
  3. I hear ya, now when it comes to moving up in limits.. Say my next deposit is $100, and I start playing at either 0.01/0.02 or 0.05/0.10, what amount do I get to, where I would logically decide to move into higher limits?Also, how much on average, per day, or week, do you guys play, or should I play? I work 40+ a week, to give you an idea of the extra time I might have.
  4. None taken, I appreciate the honesty, because I really don't know what I'm doing. It's why I'm asking you guys. You make a good point. Like I said before, I'm only 20, and I'm basically just jumping right into this. So apparently my naive thinking that I'll make a deposit, and start making good money in a mere few month's time is completely ridiculous? That's fine.How should I look at this mentally, so that I don't get carried away, or just bored?
  5. Ok. I can understand that.However, I've played 0.05/0.10 before, and frankly, it's too little. I don't mean to sound arrogant saying that, but when I played them before, I'd play for like 3-4 hours, and end up leaving with only like $10... And for the time, it didn't seem worth it.Now with that said, maybe I should deposit more than $125? What would be a good amount, and how would I progress?
  6. I started off playing .25/.50 NL tables. Everything was going good as like I said, I tripled my amount. For whatever reason, I became impatient, got greedy, or just played tired, I progressively lost it.
  7. Hey guys..I'm 20 years old, and I love playing (Texas Hold'em).Over the course of the past year, I'll say I deposited maybe about... $5-600, and over that time, I've lost it all.About 2 month's ago, I began reading Harrington on Cash Games. My most recent deposit was $125 to UltimateBet. I had it up to about $460 as I was playing well, but then over the past 10 days, I progressively lost that as well. I think more than anything, it might just be a confidence issue, but maybe not, I don't know.What I'm asking you guys I guess is just for advice. Like I know I'm not going to make 1 deposit,
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