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  1. Judgment-Trinity, you are a ****** bag of the highest level, I sincerely hope the moderators abide by my ruling and ban you. Please stop responding to threads.
  2. Judgment-Winner. Pun of the year. Excellent form, sir.
  3. Judgment-No more abbreviations of blackjack.Every time I read a post here, I have to stop and remind myself what BJ means in the context of this thread, and I'm not happy about the excitement that is taken away from me.
  4. Judgment-You get no extra points for writing entire sentences in abbreviations. Use the vowels, they are your friends.
  5. Judgment-Brag posts are only acceptable when disguised to the best of your abilities. You are better than that.
  6. Objection sustained. I have reviewed the pictures and although I would not be as proud of it as I once believed, I would indeed still do illegal things to her.
  7. Judgment-This thread is the most odd/creepiest thing we've seen in awhile.I would do all sorts of illegal things to the pole-vaulter and Shannon Elizabeth at the same time.
  8. Judgement-This thread looks familiarPlease see here
  9. Judgement-Skipament= Full Table, one person all-in, one call.Flipament= Heads-Up, both all-in every handFitzament= Full Table, everyone all-in, every hand.
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