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  1. I am looking for sites. The being British thing has something to do with it because I don't know any good American online Book stores, only British ones and ones that operate globally (like Amazon). I know the Internet is global, but other countries have separate online stores. We don't have Borders or Barnes and Noble, for example.
  2. Help me, if you can. I'm British and currently in the US, and looking to buy a few poker books, I'm willing to shop around, but don't know where to start! I've looked at amazon, but curious if anyone can suggest some other places to look. I'm also looking for things like an ipod if you could suggest other similar sites.Any help is much appreciated.
  3. Random question, but at this summers world series in Vegas, did Daniel equal the record number of cashes in a summer, with 8, or has someone got 9 along the years?
  4. Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo DN!!!!
  5. Is there anywhere doing audio commentary, does anyone know?
  6. You wouldn't have raised the flop back with aces, as you wouldn't have had aces. Just a nut flush draw. Also, you can't raise a bet of $47,500 to $75,000.It's things like this which are the reason people pick apart your posts and make life harder for you on here. It's only little things, but they're regular.
  7. No he didn't. Dwan had two pair before he got his boat.. still beating Meltzer.
  8. Putting myself in the parents of the "victim" shoes, if my daughter had been molested by her grandfather, and she didn't retract it at a later time, I wouldn't have left it at $4k fine and 2 years probation. I have limited knowledge of the American legal system, but over here it would be possible to appeal/take it to another court etc. If it was something more genuinely sinister, I know I wouldn't leave it there.Just my 2 cents. And for people to be getting so angry about something they know nothing about is a little crazy.
  9. and 2 Super-Anonymous Users..Benefield wrote about it in his blog. His basic thought process is the only possible holding for Doyle that he could beat was KJ, and even KJ he wasn't sure how regularly Doyle raises the river given the action.
  10. Look here, I don't know how old you are, or how long you've been on an internet forum, but just like you are only talking to the little avatars and usernames, everyone else is the same. If people see a comment they disagree with, they say that. It's as simple as that, there's no personal attack. By you taking it to heart and getting really, really over-defensive (really), you ignited a whole lot more and started something that there was no need for. The reason you then got flamed is because you went "Oh I must be a jerk", and it comes across to those reading like you're a spoilt kid whose neve
  11. Wow, someone gave a serious answer!
  12. Could it also not just be a simple case of Dwan thinking if Barry doesn't to bend to meet anyone else's wants he won't do the same? As in, I've never heard Barry offer deals of taking some back or the like, so if Barry never concedes anything in terms of deal making, Dwan won't either? Barry can't have it how he wants it every time kind of thinking?
  13. With no dead cards:49.798% - { KsQs }50.202% - { AcAd }Including known dead cards from all players:51.597% - { KsQs }48.403% - { AcAd }
  14. I wouldn't call it a stretch, more like the only option.
  15. FWIW, I agree. Just because his father was a poker player doesn't mean his and his families issues should be discussed by people who have nothing to do with the family, or people who really have no interest outside of him being a poker players son.Just my two cents.
  16. That tilted me when Barry said that, and I'm not an out and out "math player".
  17. Yet YOU feel qualified enough to talk about the evolution of poker more than Doyle? Jesus fcking christ. In the "old pro" defence, a lot of the modern generation do seem to feel like they invented the game. The fact that Doyle has played and been beating all games for so many years and that all great players talk about how good he is kind of disagrees with your statement. Is he still as high on the NLH scale as he was? No, but he'd no doubt be a favourite in any mix game against almost anyone.
  18. From the first sentence I thought FD was faggot dance.. then you asked where it'd been...
  19. Theres a double negative in there, but if you meant what I think you meant, then clearly the action hasn't changed your opinion at all. You think they need the nuts to generate action?These people are (mostly, or should be) rolled for this, and therefore won't be playing scared money...
  20. Just because there are bigger characters out there doesn't make him any less apt for TV in the eyes of the producers. He's still more entertaining than a lot of people invited to the tournament for them.
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