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  1. just watched Daniels blog and att he end he mentions the bet he is looking to book with him and ivey. i got this crazy idea that maybe he can take bets from anyone. from the smallest to the biggest. someone reliable like bob or someone else can hold the money and we could use PS to do the transfers. Just throwing out an idea.
  2. A friend of mine uses them for ps. Never has a problem
  3. Its prob gonna be at the hollywood casino. i have been to tampa and cant see a big tourney like that in that casino. the poker room is tiny. but im sure they would use a banquet hall ifthat even have one. but the cash games would be packed the room is so small. but is nice to see that took the cap off finally. i hated going to play 1/ with 100 max buy in and it was funny to see the guys playing 5/10 with 100 buy in too.
  4. its prob cheaper to buy those and take the legs off
  5. is there anyone we could have picked still in any events
  6. anyway to get an official update from the mods being its almost over..would be cool to know exactly where we are and sweat the last few knowing
  7. pretty tence between annie and daniel
  8. watching TOC onliena dn Daniel and Annie sitting right next to eachother....she looks very uncomfortable
  9. i tried putting money in victory last week and it too failed. their help desk said my card might be blocked for international purchases. so could be the same thing. my card was a chase card
  10. I'm a big DN fan but i have to disagree with this. first off there is some much control in casinos that it wouldn't be possible to have marked cards. second i think he is just trying to manipulate the system to get better reads by coming up with excuses not to wear them. and third you might as well ban bats too. iwas watching the last episode of HSP last night and there was a hand Doyle was in and he had his head down so much you couldn't see his eyes. so there is something else to bitch about. DN need to get over it. PS i dont wear sunglasses anyway. i think its just a stupid topic
  11. any news on whats going on this year with the fantasy pool.
  12. So after this raid does anyone think there will be any changes to the way tournaments are run.
  13. are you using a spread sheet for this....if so can you post it
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