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  1. Please tell me I'm not the only one to look up Blow Job on wikipedia to see if they had information on why its called a blow job...
  2. Happy Birthday Balloon Guy... I read the forum almost every day and hardly ever post, but your posts are always funny and a voice of reason. And congrats on 28 years sober, thats something to be proud of
  3. What are the odds that any of these matches ever occur? I'm guessing they will start but there will be some buyouts.
  4. Harrington on Holdem, Vol's I and II... and always raise with the Krablar
  5. Absolute is the only site I have ever deposited money online and have been trying to give them the benefit of the doubt all along, but this might be what finally causes me to go somewhere else. If nothing else Absolute and AB have both reached the point that anyone who gets screwed over on their sites have no one to blame but themselves
  6. Is Sam Simon the same Sam Simon that is the producer of the Simpsons?
  7. Well my girlfriend just informed me that she knows someone with some kind of connections there so we are getting a free room, so I'm not too concerned with the quality, but its good to know everyone seems to like it. I was at Wheeling Island last year and was pretty impressed with that too.
  8. Either one... I havent played live poker since May so I am itching to play
  9. I think I might be heading to Mountaineer sometime next month.. how is the actual Casino?
  10. After taking about 2 years off from Online poker to focus on other things (Graduating College), I am looking to start playing again and was hoping to get some advice from the fourms.I am not looking to turn pro or play 10+ hours a day, just hoping to play a few hours a night and generate a little extra cash. I was pretty successful doing this before by spending 90% of my time playing $10-$20 sit-n-goes on Absolute, although thanks to recent developments there I'm not in a huge hurry to go back. So in general I'm wondering which site has 1) THe softest sit-n-goes in the $10-$20 range. 2). Gets
  11. It should be interesting to see what Hellmuth has to say.
  12. Not buying it. What's next, someone trying to tell me George Michael is gay?
  13. My favorite part was entering the code ARK then playing as Bill Clinton... he could melt faces from behind the arc
  14. I really enjoyed this episode because now I see what I am like playing the $4-$8 tables in Atlantic City after drinking Red Bull and Vodka all day.
  15. Can we all agree that Tom McEvoy and KFL would make the most attractive couple in poker history
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