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  1. Hello all, I missed last weeks High Stakes Poker show and i'm trying to find it online to watch. I tried Youtube but all I could find was short videos and i'm looking for the entire episode. Does anyone know where I could find it ?.....Thanks guys
  2. Go Tigers!!....good for Inge, too bad about Jonesy blowing the save but they picked him up. Hopefully they'll wrap up the series tomorrow
  3. I totally agree with you about small stakes NL being nitty. I guess I had this impression that there would be a bunch of loose cannons and guys playing every pot but that's certainly not the case.
  4. I'm mostly a tournament player but lately i've been playing in some NL cash games, mainly .25-.50 at Full Tilt. Without having too many notes on the cash game players i've been relying on the flop % and avg. pot size to determine which table I play at. A pattern i've noticed (and I could be way off base because I haven't played many sessions) is that a table may show 35-40% players seeing the flop but once I get there it drops dramatically and the play is very tight. I try to get on waiting lists where i'm first or second so there shouldn't be too much turnover by the time I get seated but
  5. It seems to be working fine for me
  6. Strippers is dead on.....you don't have to do anything special. I just got my card a few weeks ago and you just use it at any ATM
  7. I'm currently doing the $100 donation for $200 but I don't see anything about an expiration date ??? Clicking the banner just tells you how many pts you've earned toward your bonus.
  8. I'm playing, first time ever in one of the big Sunday tournies.....looking forward to it.....GL to everyone else
  9. $6,825 on Full Tilt last month.....it was the $69+6 DS NL tourney at 7pm EST, 400 entries
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