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  1. That's why they call you Whiskers.
  2. Pretty sure minimum payments are based on your balance, not your interest rate. Those other cards you had probably had a "no payments until..." promotion to go with their 0% promotion. Edit: Dammit, Theraflu. I quit!
  3. Get 'em, Shake! I mean, you're totally wrong here, but still.
  4. Probably my last post here; I've found a new place to go.917 guests, 16 members, 5 anonymous membersexcivaMatalia, El Guapo, TrueAce13, TheDaveyG, bigkg, Athletearrircurnfaub, Babying, Lesbian Forum, LongLiveYorke, wsox8, HighwayStar, Dubey, gruven, Pot Odds RAC, Voldemort, JubilantLankyLad
  5. http://thisisnthelpful.tumblr.com/But Wang has access to black people. Plus, he's a hardened criminal now having spent time in prison.Edit: Shake, this one in particular might be of interest to you for two reasons.
  6. Nah, he was talking about one of the dudes.
  7. You're spending too much on pants.
  8. fiancefianceeThe more you know.I found that out in here somewhere.
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