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  1. I don't have 1000 posts, but sure I'm game...even if I have to pay my own way
  2. I would say that it's a decision that you have to make. That as long as you can justify you're playing poker with your walk with Christ feel free, but understand that there's a lot of pitfalls associated with it, as I'm sure you're aware of. If you feel in any way like it's hampering your walk, you need to back away immediately. Remember, we are only here on this earth for a short period of time...and all the things that come along with playing poker (paying for college, nice car, home, etc.) are only temporary. I feel like I'm getting seriously preachy here lol. But just remember, you an
  3. This is a tough spot that you're in bro. I myself am a Christian, as a matter of fact I am a Youth Pastor. And the fact that I play poker is something that I try to reconcile with my beliefs every day. The Bible doesn't outright call gambling a sin, but it does say that we need to be good "stewards" with our money. Now whether or not that means that we shouldn't be playing cards for money is another story. It really is a decision that you have to make. As long as you're giving him the "firstfruits" of your labor...then everything else is up to you. I know a lot of Christians who play th
  4. Did I seriously just read the words "Pu$$y pictures" from David Sklansky? Ummmmmm yeeeeeeeeah, I'm gonna need him to back away from the keyboard.
  5. Damn you youtube!! Oh well, trust me it was good.
  6. Losing 100 lbs. in 1 year is definitely doable as long as you're seriously committed. I did this very thing about 5 years ago. I weighed about 320, and lost 120 lbs. in 1 year. However if you really want to keep it off, I would caution against using money as your primary means of motivation. Sure it might initially help you to get off some pounds, but in the long run it won't help you to keep it off. You've got to change your whole mindset when it comes to food and health (not to sound preachy). The reason I know this is because I put back on the entire 120 lbs. I had a motivating facto
  7. This thread is not over until Mercury and Roomie go HU for all the marbles.
  8. I've got $20 left on FT...wanna trade BR's?
  9. A little pee came out when I read this
  10. I agree, except for the part where I got pulled on stage by the fat dude in the diaper. Other than that, it's awesome!!
  11. Stars name is Glew28, but I'm new to Stars so not much in the way of Stats, but if you don't mind that...
  12. Well if you don't mind the less than 200 posts....here are my stats.Games played-1088, Avg. stake-$6, Avg. Roi 4%, Total Profit $448Thanks either way...Name on FullTilt is boo2421
  13. I don't meet some of your requirements, but uh...Happy Birthday!!
  14. Other definitions of atheism: The docrtine or BELIEF that there is no God. ACTIVELY DISBELIEVING in the existence of deities. So no...we're not all born atheists, but nice try.
  15. There is not such thing as a "born Christian," it's a decision you make when you have the wherewithall to make it. Just like nobody is born and atheist or a buddhist.
  16. about 30-40 mins. away there is an Indian casino called Cache Creek. They just built a beautiful brand new poker room with about 20 tables and flat panel TV's around the entire room...usually pretty decent action depending on what you want to play. Maybe try mapquesting it to see if it's do-able. Hope this helps
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