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  1. LOL..relax bro, step back from the ledge. It's just the all-star game, it's not life and death. You must be one of those guys that was voting like 100x/minute lol...maybe next year.
  2. My bologna has a first name
  3. c'mon, who wants to see two guys hovering around .300 (one at .310), with 15+ homers each, and 50+ rbi. When you can watch a guy who's batting .263, 6 hr's, and 24 rbi? Get real.
  4. sorry, are you more of a these kind of guy, I'm adaptable
  5. it's bad enough that i have to deal with you during football season
  6. there aren't possibly enough of these to express how awesome this post is.
  7. of course he shouldn't be there, and he should recognize this and let a deserving player take his place...especially because he's coming off the DL. And the fact that he probably won't step aside, is just another example of why the all star game will continue to be nothing more than a complete joke and waste of time.
  8. so if you had just come off the DL, your first priority would be to rush back in time for the all-star game? Cause mine would be to come back healthy and take the few extra days off so I could help my team in their stretch run...and most smart Rangers fans should want the same
  9. if you think this is the reason he shouldn't be there, then you're just ignorant...or playing ignorant.
  10. can i make this my sig even tho it's a FYP? I'm not up on my sig etiquette.
  11. Biggest joke of this years "All-Star" voting by far. I, for one, will lose a lot of respect for Hamilton if he accepts the vote and decides to play.
  12. Congratulations you are officially the...of FCP
  13. ahhhhhhhhhh...cute.dammit, did it again
  14. Irony? what irony? I totally include my self in the category of uninteresting posts in this thread lol. So I guess if that's tasty...
  15. this thread was much more interesting when it was just vb and bg.
  16. I think you're wrong...Vacation photos
  17. Wow, only 2 Giants selected to the All-Star game. And those 2 were pretty much no-brainers.
  18. I don't really have a list of great people, but I wouldn't doubt this at all.
  19. You can be a cheater and still be a nice person, but I wouldn't call any cheater a "great guy/girl."
  20. courtesy of CBS sports: " Nashville police say former NFL quarterback Steve McNair was shot multiple times and that the 20-year-old woman found dead with him in a downtown condominium on Saturday was shot once in the head. A pistol was found near her body."
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