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  1. Took it down for $594 woot woot...while slightly buzzled lmao
  2. Sn Amlew56 Tourney #1875685721/2 let's gooooooooooooooooooooooFT went Fast!
  3. How would your season have been over if you lost that game? That's what I don't get. Do you still think that the Giants have a chance to catch the Dodgers? Or are you looking realistically at the Wild Card? Because as it stands going into play today, you guys are only 1.5 games out of the Wild Card. So how would another half game mean your season is over? And I don't mean momentum wise either. They had no momentum coming into that game, so that win did nothing for them momentum wise. It's a "1 game winning streak." I don't think the Giants are done by any means. Do they have an uphil
  4. No need to sweet talk me, you're not gonna win me over on this one
  5. *NEWSFLASH* MLB Umpires Suck Also, which blown call cost them 9 runs yesterday? The Dodgers are just the better team. Blaming the umps? C'mon Gereral, you're better than that. You're not GoodTom.
  6. LOL, a raise, a re-raise all in...so obv. AK has to be good.
  7. Tony Clarkedit: did I seriously just use my 2,000th post to type Tony Clark? Son of a...
  8. edit: wow, didn't realize my next post is 2K...hmmmmmmm.
  9. I was deep in the 5.50 20k gtd. today with about 5800 or so entrants. I was actually chip leader with about 100 left and finished in like 60th or so . So, very good job and finishing it off, not always an easy task.
  10. sounds like my softball team...but that's only cuz half the team is wasted before the game even starts.
  11. 1. Lincecum2. Carpenter3. Haren4. Cainimo.
  12. Drinking a Stone Ruination IPA...easily becoming one of my faves.I'll also be attending the IPA-Fest this weekend here in Northern California...can't wait!!
  13. haha pretty funny.I want a bulldog soooooooooooooooooooo bad.
  14. I didn't say you were trying to sway the other side, I just said that nothing gets accomplished because no one (with the exception of the VB and BG debate) really listens to each other. Everyone just talks over and around each other. It's like talking to someone face to face, all the while knowing that they're not really listening to you...instead they're trying to think of what they're going to say next. That's all I'm saying.
  15. LOL @ anything ever getting accomplished or anyone really hearing the other side in this forum. Does make for interesting reading though...carry on.
  16. I would, but aren't you the anti-hops guy? Actually Sierra Nevada isn't bad, and not too expensive if you don't like major hops.
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