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  1. I believe this email was meant for another company. If you have any questions for PokerStars Support, we will be more than happy to answer them.Regards,MathewPokerStars Support Team
  2. yeh just make sure you bring your gun with you
  3. For the 5-500 game you can cruise on up to Muckleshoot in Auburn which is probably about 20-40 minutes drive depending on exactly were you are the have limit games up to about 50-100 and for the spread games they have 2-5 300 max buyin 500 max bet which and a 5-10 500-1k buyin 500 max. They have about 30 cash tables although they usually only run 1 or 2 tables of each of the spread games.http://www.muckleshootcasino.com/gaming_poker.html
  4. http://www.lasvegasvegas.com/pokerblog/ima...06/042406-9.jpg
  5. Congrats sir you have more patience for reading through that list then I did was thinking there might be some locals but thanks anyways
  6. Title says it all heading down to California in August and want to play some poker down in San Diego...Thanks in advance!
  7. I would suspect you could if there was a way to track it but i cant think of a practicle way to go about something like that...
  8. 50 is a pretty reasonable bankroll for turbo sngs and I disagree with the post that says there is little skill but if you can learn the correct push/fold and math for when then blinds get large you can have a sustainable roi and a definate edge...gl
  9. Yeh noticed it was pretty slow i plan on writing a bit on it also which might help lol
  10. I myself do not associate with any particular religion but find the idea of religion to be a very fasinating subject and was just looking for some reactions on this article that I recently read... http://users.drew.edu/~jlenz/whynot.html
  11. Lol whats funny is that he was never warned by MLB or anything like that what exactly are they gonna warn him about gambling leaglly yeh what a piece of **** he is....
  12. Get the reloadable silver all-acess visa from safeway works great for me
  13. ^^^^^^^^^^BELITTLE BELITTLE BELITTLE BELITTLE BELITTLEzomg have me arrested...grow a pair sir or you won't last long in the real worldoh and don't be a little b1tch
  14. Unless there is something else you need to do when I did it, the avatar I changed it to in the public avatar folder only showed up to me but not to my friend who had not moved it to that folder until he moved the file also, so i dont think everyone would be able to see it besides those two because they have it in the same folder but idk im not very good with computers...
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