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  1. Damn, another bubble as I come in 21st - pretty much describes my poker year thus far.
  2. gogogogogoThe way I'm running this year, this is the only thing I've got a chance of winning. Fingers crossed for a stacked $50k HORSE final table and a couple of my picks to go heads up.
  3. Likewise for me. I want free mobnies!I surpassed myself last night though, absolutely sh*t-faced after around seven hours drinking, unable to walk home without pin-balling off walls and garden gates, I still managed to turn my computer on and email this word perfect to Full Tilt support:Hi,I've attempted to connect to the server on several occasions this week, but with no joy. I've also found that attempting to download the new update tonight has been unsuccessful. I hope that an attempt to log on tomorrow will be successful as I am attempting to clear one more bonus level. Kind regards
  4. Sounds like there are two of you with some explaining to do. 1. Tell your Mom you discovered your Dad at the casino2. You and your Dad form a bond in trying to explain to her why you were both at the casino3. Two of you united in adversity4. Problem solved
  5. Earthquake here in the UK last night, shortly before 1am. It reached about 5.2 on the Richter Scale. Whole house started shaking. So cool, we hardly ever get any quakes over here and I slept through the last minor one a few years ago. It was a wierd experience but great at the same time.
  6. He lives at my house. Doesn't even pay rent the b*stard!
  7. Absolutely spot on, I can definitely identify with this. I hate to hit and run - and tend to curse those who do - so I stay, lose some of my profit and suddenly I feel stuck even though I might be up a buy-in. It's a dangerous mindset, perhaps more so than the 'stuck and stay', because you've played well earlier in the session so you start playing more hands, whiff some draws, overcards on the flop when you have JJ/QQ etc., and Mr Tilt is tapping you on the shoulder.
  8. That's really cool, great job. All you need now is a couple of PC terminals at the side of room so when players bust out, they can go play online!
  9. Bang in the middle of a hand, flopped set of Queens and getting action from my opponent and it disconnects.**** you Full Tilt!
  10. Well I emailed FTP support in the vain hope of being selected for rakeback and this is what I got back:Thank you for contacting Full Tilt Poker Support.The site RakeBackPros.com is a legitimate affiliate with Full Tilt Poker. There was a test group of players that received a legitimate offer to join their affiliate program. This program is still in the testing phase and has only been offered to a limited number of players.While this program is being evaluated, we will be happy to forward your name and information to the appropriate parties for future consideration. You will be contacted if you
  11. Would appreciate any thoughts on this hand:http://www.pokerhand.org/?2053750Villain limps EP then flat calls my raise (KK) pre-flop. He raises my flop bet - a little more than a min-raise, then fires again on the turn.His betting felt strong at the time and I decided to bail on the turn facing action. I think we probably end up playing for stacks if the hand goes to showdown and I'm going to be sick to my stomach when he turns over AQ, KQ or QJ. TT is certainly in his range. AA, JJ and 99 are possiblities but you'd expect the limp re-raise pre-flop with Aces and I don't seem him getting too ou
  12. Yeah, I got the hoodie too, only about 8000 or so points. It's actually quite nice and decent quality, good to veg out and play poker in.I also got the plain t-shirt with 'got tilt' on the front. That's relatively cheap in terms of points but not particularly great quality, it seems to pick up a few scuff-type marks quite easily.I'm on about 12k points at the moment and debating whether to go for the custom Ice Hockey jersey or wait for about a year and try to get an Ipod or perhaps a new monitor.
  13. Yeah, same on FTP.But it's January, it's cold outside, everyone is indoors playing poker and the sites can't handle it!
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