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  1. Wait, isnt a tube sock too big for you guys? I use an ankle sock because i'm........No I use a tube sock cuz im huge as well.
  2. I wish there was a more modern version of referencing slavery and racism, can we change from cotton to "Farm my World of Warcraft gold, chink!" cotton picking just isnt doing it for me anymore.Ill try to come up with others.
  3. The individual mandate does not solve the problem, it only delays the inevitable.You cannot charge more for the tax than it is for qualifying covereage, that would be absurd to pay a $2000 tax for coverage that costs $1000.However if the tax is lower than the coverage, combined with the the no pre existing conditions denials, it is optimal strategy to pay the tax, wait until your injured before getting insurance, buy insurance on the way to the hospital and print it out like The Generals Car Insurance. And force the insurance companies to lose all their money.The only way the individual mandat
  4. I specifically said I understand there isnt a limit, I was more commenting on the fact that the concept of being able to change your argument when it doesnt work, has a weakness of throwing everything at the wall to hope something sticks even though the intention of the law is unconstitutional. And again, when we've now created the precedent that other things can now be compelled to purchase it becomes easier to uphold compelling unwanted purchases as you can throw as many interpretations of the law as long as they're remotely releveant to the intention of congress who is intentionally trying
  5. Taxes was a secondary fallback argument, completely separate from the Commerce argument, while both arguments were presented. It was supplied as an attempt to uphold the law on a technicality, as the court is required to use any possible interpretation that could be constitutional rather than maintaining the law on what it was actually intended to do. I just finished reading the full report and there is specific language that talks about how they accept that the point of the law isnt to be interpreted as a tax, but because it is the only way to interpret the law without violating the constitut
  6. I think what he is trying to say is that the tax argument thing was not a part of the original argument, which was deemed unconstitutional(commerce clause) and as a result the court was forced to use the tax arguement as their case even though the court acknowledges that the purpose of the law is unconstitutional(that is to compel commerce)
  7. Thatcher, Doctor Who, and the absence of Justin Beiber, Britain's 3 greatest traits.
  8. All In how can you approve of Jon Stewarts Nose?
  9. The chances are, they(republicans) wouldn't pass the spending cuts anyways and the tax increases would go through.of course 10-1 sounds like a big number, but we spend alot of money, so maybe 50-1 or 100-1 would be a better number.
  10. Last time I smoked marijuana I took 1 hit and I was so high I was unable to prove to myself that I had a body or that I even existed for about 12 hours. Even the next day I had lost confidence that I had always existed in the reality I was experiencing.That's why boys and girls, we don't drink a fifth of jim beam before we smoke.
  11. Just because the state makes it legal, doesn't mean that God is going to let them into heaven.So everyone can rest easy knowing that we got Goal Line defense at the pearly gates.
  12. actually its okay.Half of them are probably MSU fans.
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