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  1. hitchhikers guide is cool... it is also my daughters first birthday tomorrow. We are going to Sanibel, FL to hang out on the beach.
  2. im a broke mofo on stars, but I can ship ya $5 to help you rebuild.. pm me if you want it.
  3. yeah, thats the stupid florida laws though... I am heading over to play with the old drunken donks next month.
  4. nice job with that shortstack lunar.. congrats on the money to all still in... lets hope a few of Steins horses go on to the FT.
  5. Dealer: Game #9999997718: close... anyone any closer?
  6. 200k hands left now... 101k players online
  7. about 300k hands left... 100k players online
  8. did you bother to see what time they start? registration opens 1 hr before
  9. Stein must be one of the most generous people here. Lets hope one of his horses finally wins. I am mostly a micro player so a $25 buy in tourney is pretty much my entire roll. While I would love a T-bone, I can't justify asking for one. I am still working on my game and dont think I would be a good investment. I hope all of your stakees do well for you though and justify your generosity.
  10. got em all on the last level
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