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  1. 6 9 Prom night.6 3 the spike strip. that one came from a home tourney. i doubled through when we both hit our gutshots.6 4 the lowrider
  2. Damn! Now I'll be singing that frickin song all day at work tomorrow.Thanks a lot man.
  3. Sometimes you get chicken, sometimes you get feathers.
  4. Thats like the 5th beat money has put on someone.I guess hes runnin good tonight
  5. you beat me to it but... gold is weighed in troy scale (12oz. to the pound)*post 66, only 600 to go*
  6. Table '10260647 2' Seat #2 is the buttonSeat 1: coltman712 (435 in chips) Seat 2: buster99 (2235 in chips) Seat 4: Wally18 (1870 in chips) Seat 5: EastCoastPmP (5450 in chips) Seat 6: Radek (4325 in chips) Seat 7: Mantis666 (5070 in chips) Seat 9: vianu (2610 in chips) Wally18: posts small blind 50EastCoastPmP: posts big blind 100*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to Mantis666 [Qs Js]Radek: folds Mantis666: raises 100 to 200vianu: folds coltman712: folds buster99: calls 200Wally18: folds EastCoastPmP: calls 100*** FLOP *** [9c 8d Qc]EastCoastPmP: bets 500Mantis666: raises 500 to 1000buster99: folds EastC
  7. After going over the hand and reading all your posts I can see just how bad I played this. I will try and explain what I was thinking. (so you guys can help me stop donkeydooin it up.) 1. 18 left out of 27. table felt T.P. with two exceptions, Seat 5 very L.A.(whom I started the tourney with) and seat 9.2. min raise preflop- im just looking to lead out here. With a bigger stack im trying to push whenever I can. I under stand QJs isnt that great of a hand but with the villain in the bb I was looking to get a call and bet/raisea scary flop. Pot=5503. Ok so I hit my queen. I figure I have the be
  8. Im off to a tourney, so ill mark this and post results and respond to any other comments later
  9. not really. it was a definate possibilty which is why i raised(on the flop). When he called that told me he didnt have a stong hand.
  10. He bet the pot on the flop, I raised. Any questions?
  11. Guys... theres no way i put him on the flush. do you always fold to a bet when a draw hits?
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