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  1. Have you been drinking those 'girly drinks' again? Go Ray TID
  2. + = YUMMIEI've been told I'm the world's worst fisherman by my father-in-law, but that fluke is goot eatin'
  3. Thanks guys for the fun contest
  4. I'll subcribshun if answer 1 question will you:How is possible to go allin without to see the floop?
  5. Inflation, disinflation, DEFLATION, stagflation, hyperinflation, re-flation...LOL in any 'flation'...I'll take little to no debt over deep in debt anytime
  6. I thought Naismith was refering to/being sarcastic and joking about that old thread where somebody went off on Grinder after a big win about whether/how much he gave to charity. I was not 'LOL'ing about the thought of giving to charity. Sorry for any misunderstanding.
  7. Vacation!!!!!!!! But...aren't you the one upside down on McMortgage and deep into credit card debt hell???? Vacation...but I thought financial armaggedon is coming? Debt reduction is a goot thing right now
  8. from pokernews.comNot Even Going to CheckOmaha-8Preflop, Raymond McClure limps in from middle position and Phil Hellmuth raises from late position. Raymond calls.The flop is Ad ,Qd ,Qh. McClure checks and Hellmuth bets. McClure calls.The turn is 8c and both check.The river is 9c and McClure open-folds, not even checking. "If you beat 7 high, you win," he says. Hellmuth shows and wins the pot. Hellmuth shows Kc, Kh, Ah,2d and wins the pot. Go Ray 'open-farrell' Troyomac McClure heehee
  9. GLGLGL Get some sleep and then kick some arse today
  10. LMAO(from http://globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot.com/)
  11. GG Ray Tell the truth, you secretly DO want to live in Boston area :D
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